Wacky idea......or maybe not.

budsterJanuary 27, 2004

I had a friend drop over and she found me in the middle of using an old hand grater to shave down some small soap dish leftovers....I grate them into fine flakes and use them for all kinds of little jobs....handwashing items, scubbing spots off clothing, I've thrown the odd bit into the washing machine to use up... I just am not good at gluing the old bar to a new one so when I get the bits...I just grab my old grater and grate them into fine flakes. Works for me...I don't waste the soap bits...but I was told this is beyond frugal...this is wacky....oh well...wacky me...anyone else wacky?

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Hey, it's your knuckles. I like to put them in with the soft soap dispensers and let them dissolve the easy way by addding a tad more water.

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We don't use bar soap anymore, but I used to use the little leftover pieces for scents in the drawers. Also, when I receive those nice soaps that come with other items in a gift basket, etc.----I normally use those in drawers, or for aromatherapy.

Hey, if you have the time to do this and want to----it's your business. Who's to so whether or not it's too frugal.

PS Here's a frugal tip (I think)----keep the garbage can smelling great with a few spoonsful of unused coffee grounds. DH buys coffee, never uses it, I have a large can that he says is too old (I don't fuss anymore---it's no use) so I threw some of this in my garbage can-----everytime I open it, I get a whiff of cofee---not kitty litter. Great stuff! Coffee, that is.

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Makes a lot of sense to me, Bud.

I find that I can often stick the tad of old bar on the new one - but I live alone, so don't have problems with others screwing up the system.

Sometimes, being lazy, drop the small pieces in with the wash.

With regard to the liquid soap in the dispensers - any ideas as to whether the dollar goes farther using them, or bar soap?

No giving me the soft soap, now.

Enjoy your day.

ole joyful

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Ole Joyful....according to some "domestic" experts....the handsoap is cheaper in the long run...it lasts longer and you use less to attain a lather that is what I have read in different articles....I personally don't know and couldn't agree or disagree..I'm too busy grating up my slivers...to each his/her own...Bud.

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Pooh Bear

I had a wacky idea once. (well, maybe not just once)
I had an old car that used/leaked a lot of oil.
We went thru almost a case of oil each month.
We would just put the empty bottles back in the case,
and when we used them all we could throw the case away.
But when the bottles sat uprite for a while, what little
oil was left in them would settle in the bottom of the bottle.
This could amount to a significant amount of oil.
So I thought, why not have a funnel that would hold the
bottles in a position so that the oil would drain into the
funnel and then into another bottle and collect it.
This was just an idea I had. Must have been a good idea.
About a year later I saw my idea in the New Products section
of Popular Mechanics magazine. I should have developed my idea.

Pooh Bear

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I seldom use bar soap anymore, but I always put the leftover slivers in a mesh bag and used it as a scrubber. I never could get those little bars to stick together, either!
Nope, I don't think it's a wacky idea!

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I do the mesh bag thing too. Gives a great lather.


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I like the idea of putting slivers of soap into a mesh bag, as I now use a mesh bag with no soap to clear the crud that collects on the sink.

Is it true that if one uses liquid soap there is no residual crud building up on the sink?


Some garages have used your idea.

When I worked as security guard in a trucking company garage, I'd collect the oil bottles from garbage, sit one on floor beside a corner, park another bottle on top, with upended section in the corner.

Worked really well.

Got enough oil to provide more than needed additions to my vehicle as it used some oil.

Keep your brain well oiled, i.e., oiled as necessary,


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I don't normally buy liquid soap because I have two kids who would use one bottle in a couple days! They do that to my shampoo too! Arrgggh!!!! My dd is the worst, sometimes she'll pour half the shampoo out for bubble bath.

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Maybe if daughter uses an inordinate amount of soap (if she is a teen) suggest that she might like to shovel snow, spade garden, cut grass, rake leaves, walk pets, babysit at the neighbour's to earn some extra money so that she could buy some to replace the excess she's using.

Stuff may look free - but it ain't.

Maybe she could clean, cook (once or twice weekly, freezing some of the food for use later), run errands for a senior that would enable them to live in their home longer than if they lacked such help. Which would save them a nice chunk of money monthly - a bucket, in the course of a year.

Actually - if she could canvass the neighbourhood, then recruit some of her friends to help, she might get a nice business going.

Help build the college fund, too.

Just an idea - maybe a hare-brained (bubble-brained?) one.


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Ed, my dd is just 7 years old-LOL! I will keep that in mind, though, for when she is a teenager! Actually, she is already pretty helpful around the house, much more than my son who is going to be 12 in a couple weeks. She loves doing dishes, will take clothes out of the dryer and fold them, vacuum, pick up etc...she also usually keeps her room pretty clean.

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I offer your daughter my congratulations - and appreciation.

For being willing to take a share of the things that need to be done to keep your home running smothly and happily.

For being a giver/sharer as well as a taker.

For starting off her life journey in a way that will bring her much satisfaction and achievement in years to come, if she continues in such a path.

How great it would be if all young and growing people could choose such a path voluntarily.

Including your son.

Good wishes to you and your loved ones,


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I water down my hand soaps. Also use soap slivers in a mesh bag outside...and to scrape my nails in when I'm going to do some really serious weeding/planting. Sometimes I use the soap slivers to mark my quilting lines with too.

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I never use bar soap but do refill my liquid soap dispensers with big cheap bottles of bubble bath. I find bar soaps leave too much soap scum for me. I clean houses and used to (note the used to) clean a lady's house that used oatmeal bar soap - what a nightmare her shower door was! Hey whatever works for you - do it - all those pennies add up. Kathy

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