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fun2golfFebruary 9, 2006


I was roaming around, trying to familiarize myself with PSP X..I can't seem to locate the animations..Do they not have it in there..Any help appreciated.


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Do you mean Jasc Animation Shop?
PSPX doesn't come with it.
You have to use the one that came with previous versions.
It is a separate program that can be used by all.
I had a short cut on my desktop which I dragged down onto my task bar so I can open it when needed.


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Thanks Urlee...O.K. now how would I take my animation from either 7 or 8 and put it on my task bar..I'm not real good at doing that kind of thing...

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Urlee..I just posted a message, but don't see it..Anyway, I went to my programs and then to Jasc and saw where I have animation 3..Can I send it ot my desktop as a shortcut? I don't want to mess up my program by doing something incorrectly..
Thanks again...Bev

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Yes, Then you can drag it down onto your taskbar but make sure your task bar isn't locked.
Right click on the task bar and take the check mark off by clicking on it. The put it back.


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Bev I had the same problem, I got tired of having to keep PSP7 or 8 open just so I could access AS. Then as usual Urlee to the rescue!

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