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looony2nzMarch 12, 2006

We have a sliding glass door (standard size) that we would like to tint for the purpose of keeping the heat OUT. We are in FL. The slider is my sons room and he also has a window. The room gets very warm and we are hoping this will help. Having a window tinting place tint it could be a couple hundred dollars. Can one buy the film stuff at lets say Home Depot or Lowes and do this on ones own? Is it difficult or ? Any suggestions. Thanks....

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I added window film tint to S/E/West windows myself. Took my time and did them one or two panes per weekend plus a double sliding door too. Fairly simple after you do the first one or two. Main thing is you need to get the windows and the frames meticulously clean otherwise when you wet down the window to put up the film the smallest spec of sand or dirt will make little bumples.

I dragged a hose inside and with windows opened washed and scrubbed and rinsed well before adding film... made a mess a couple times - and still ended up with occasional dirt bumps near the edges. Dirt and dust can seem to appear out of nowhere and sucks right under the near edges of the film.

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i have bought the stuff from home depot to do my bedroom windows, but won't get round to it till next week. will post to let you know how things go.

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I, too, have bought it and haven't yet installed it. I just had some windows replaced and I plan to install it on most of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gila Window Films

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yes diy kits for window tinting is easy. I used to tint my car windows when I was a young'un.

flat paned windows are much easier than curved car windows, but the process is much the same.

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We just did the SW side of our home Sunday. Totally painless.

It took the patience of a saint, and I found as long as we went slow and used tons of water it worked well. The last ones we did still look a bit cloudy and bubbly, the first ones I did as a test on Friday are crystal clear and tight.

I could feel the temperature dropping in the closet as I put up the window film. Amazing stuff. I'm looking forward to see how it effects this summers a.c. costs.

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I used the Gila Heat Control Platinum and the thing I found was to be sure the knife is very sharp so the edges are cut perfectly. You will need to break off the razor a few times to keep it really sharp. If you have a small window to start with first to practice on and then a helper to position and hold the film on one side of the door it will be a bit easier. It really makes a difference in the temp of the room.

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I'll likely do this later this Spring. I have about 12 windows (about 72 individual panes, or in this case, "pains") on the SSW side of my house that I'd like to film over.

I looked on the website, does the spray bottle contain enough liquid to get the job done? If you run out can you use water in a spray bottle, maybe with a drop or two of soap added as a surfactant?

Does the Platinum significantly change the "look" from either inside the window looking out, or from outside looking in?

If I were to do windows in one room, but not in another, from outside the house is there a discernable difference between the windows?

Thanks for any answers.


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You can add baby shampoo I think to distilled water --- not tap water. I just bought extra solution.

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I used the 'light' not 'platinum'

Not near enough stuff in one bottle, but you can mix your own easily. I found it handy to have a bucket full near where I was working.

Yes, it looks very different from the outside during the day and the inside at night. Outside the windows look very dark when the sun is not directly on them and reflective when the sun is on them. Inside at night ( it is difficult to describe and I'm not sure a camera would catch it. ) Do you know the clear plastic they use for wrapping odd shaped gifts. It has a rainbow hue to it when the light hits it? They look kind of like that.

We just did the whole front of the house. I'll slowly work my way around the 3 sides that don't face the street now.

It has only been a week, and the weather has gotten cloudier and cooler here. I have noticed that the house temperature stays more moderate. It doesn't heat way up in the afternoon as it was doing before.

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Thanks for all the responses. I am pretty sure I can handle tinting our one sliding glass door that I believe is the heat producing culprit. I have to check out what is available in the home stores here. I am sure it won't cost $200 like they want from a tinting company.

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Oh,, I quickly discovered with mirrored tint that the birds frequently knock themselfs out trying to fly through the nice tree and sky reflections.

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I'd also like to thank others for their responses, and looney2nz, thanks for letting me jump into your thread.


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Could I just add that it is very important to read the directions carefully first??????????? Yeah, why would I mention that?

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Man... I did this a few years ago, and I found it fairly difficult. My wife and I used the Gila, and I ruined more than half of the material the kit came with putting an irreparable crease in it. It's kind of like aluminum foil that way.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online!

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It is easy to do small windows (2x2 feet), harder to do large ones, and almost impossible to do something like a glass patio door. We tried the patio door and failed badly. I hired the pros to do it and the large front room windows, and they all turned out excellent. We were able to do some of the smaller windows in the house, but it doesn't look anything like the ones the pros did. The ones I did definately look like a DIY job. The others look like the window came that way unless you look really really close, then you can tell that tint has been applied.

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You can install DIY window tinting, you can see video demonstrations online and buy online at www.apexfilmsca

Here is a link that might be useful: Do-It-Yourself Window Tinting

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I am a professional window tint installer in Spokane, WA. I offer advice and tips on DIY window tinting. Window tinting is an amazing product that shades us from the sun, protects us from harmful UV rays, reduces our carbon footprint by saving energy and adds a nice appearance to auto, homes and businesses. Solar control film can block up yo 80% of the heat transmitted thru the glass and save 25% on utilities! Spokane Graphics & Glass. If you have questions please look us up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spokane Window Tinting

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One suggestion I'd have about residential window tinting: Do your homework. What you probably don't know is that there's a major difference in the effectiveness of different films. Over time, it can make a huge deal in the energy bills you pay. Pay attention to aesthetics too; be sure its something suitable to your tastes.

Home Window Tinting

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