laying down new sod!!!

RedUSMarines311March 27, 2014

Hello, i need your help. Last year i laid down some sod in my yard and it looked great, only problem was i laid the new sod over clay and sand. It was a disaster and now all the new sod is dead :(. I would like to start over again. Can anyone please give some advice to how i should properly do this? Am i suppose to lay down soil first then the sod? Do i need to take out the old sod that is down dead before the new sod goes down? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you :), Jay.

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I hate sod and did it 3 times in two different homes. I did it in this new home about 4 months ago.

- I had them rip out the old grass after I hit it with roundup. Killed off the weeds. Waited 1 week after I sprayed it before they ripped it out.

- Went on Craigslist and had a guy dump some organic dirt on my yard. I spread it out for about 2 inch thick. Cost about 125 dollars for 4 yards of dirt. Nasty job that was spreading it out. I put down 50 lbs of alfalfa (rabbit food) and 20 lbs of soybean meal.

- Had the sod guys drop the sod. It was ok sod.

- Four months later the yard looks great. The organic dirt, alfalfa and soybean meal did a good job getting the dirt "right".

Your current sod is just organic material but you might want to build up the ground a bit. Dump so organic dirt and spread it out. Toss in some alfalfa and soybean meal.

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