Holey Sheet!

scarlett2001January 12, 2009

I bought a set of sheets, 600 thread count, all Egyptian cotton, at a discount store. The cost was about the same as ordinary sheets at Target so I just wanted to have these luxurious sheets! They feel like sleeping on angel feathers. They give me nice dreams.

Then a little tear developed on the bottom fitted sheet. Instead of sewing it up first, I washed it. It came out of the dryer not as a little rip but as a 5 inch, frayed hole! There were not enough whole sides to sew together.I did not want to use regular iron-on patches on this delicate fabric so I tried fusable interfacing on both sides of the sheet, sandwiching the frayed part in the middle. That was ok, but when I washed the sheet, it all came off. According to the directions on the interfacing,it should have been washable.

Does anybody have any ideas how I can patch and save this? I really don't want to part with it.


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Sorry, I have absolutely no ideas on how you can patch and save it. However, I think you deserve the Grand Prize for creating the most hilarious (and accurate) subject of your posting!

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If the top sheet has the usual wide hem at the top, you could rip that hem seam, cut off the needed amount all across the top, re-hem the top sheet and use the extra material for a patch. It sounds like a lot of work, but I can't think of anything else.
Love your subject posting, too! Hee, hee, hee . . . .

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I think my mom bought similar sheets-600 thread count Egyptian cotton. They were being sold in a kiosk in the mall for the holiday time. After she paid for them, the man told her they should only be washed in cold water, by themselves and dried on the "fluff-no heat" cycle for no more than 15 minutes. I don't think she's used them yet.

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An easier option would be to patch it with regular cotton (in a matching color). Cut the patch much bigger than the hole, turn the edges under, and sew it onto the sheet, sewing close to the edges of the patch. Once you have done that, sew around the hole so that it does not get any bigger. To be really careful, you could sew a patch on both sides.

Hopefully the hole is close enough to the bottom that you will not feel the patch with your feet.

Then see if your dog or DH or whatever has sharp toenails! You don't want new holes.

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Maybe there was a reason you got these 600 thread count Egyptian sheets at a DISCOUNT store???? They weren't 1st quality,perhaps seconds or irregular? You didn't say how long you had them before the rip, and what was the price?

If you had them for just 1 wash cycle,i'd return them..If you have had them for awhile, just go buy a new bottom sheet..Time is money, and while patching the hole is being "frugal",feeling the patch-job on my feet would negate the comfort of the great sheets you have...

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Thanks, everybody.
I got them at Marshalls and gave them hard use for about a year. The package did not say irregular. Marshalls buys overstock from various better stores and sells stuff at discount.

I hadn't thought of my husband's toenails, but I'll just bet that was it! Okay, he gets to sleep with his feet on the patch!

If I had only sewn the little rip before washing, it would have been fine.

I will take your advice on various ways to patch, I want to save this sheet.

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