Covering Hole in Door from Old Handle

leahgillumMarch 25, 2009

We recently replaced the door handle on our front door. It appeared to be the same measurements as the old one, but lo and behold, you can still see a bit of the old hole from the bottom screw even with the screw cover on. What are my options for filling in this hole? Do they make larger screw covers and if so, where can I find them? I've looked everywhere!

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The door? Wood? Metal? Fiberglass? Painted? Stained?
If it's painted wood. Fill the hole and paint it.

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A nice metal plate under the screw cover that is large enough to cover the old hole.

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Sorry, the door is stained wood.

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A metal plate that matches the door hardware finish is the easiest way.

Patching stained wood is a chore, often involving drawing in the missing grain, then protecting the faux work under a matching finish.

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The metal plate is not a bad idea, it's hard to fill such a hole and not have it show on close scrutiny, especially with stained wood.

If the new handle really is the same size as the old, there may be some wiggle room there, perhaps not everything is lined up. If it's a fairly conventional setup, you may be able to loosen the screws holding the handle there, and slide the handle down to cover the hole.

Otherwise you need a proper wood filler, there might even be a two-part one, and then try and match the stain.

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