So Called Free Turbo Tax

eric_92037January 29, 2008

I was hoping to use online Turbo Tax for the very first time. Many sites start out claiming itÂs free but it doesnÂt take many clicks before youÂre asked to pay. I took the easy way out did the EZ tax paper forms which are truly free.

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go to site, under certain income guidelines, 54,000 is free...

they're are many preparers to choose from to file...but some of them want to do state or offer other services for a are not obligated to do so but still can have federal prepared and efiled free...


Here is a link that might be useful: Free File

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Pooh Bear

I used the free version of Tax Act.
I filed our return last Friday. (free efile).
Today, one week later, we have our refund via direct deposit.

This makes the 3rd year I have used Tax Act
and I will continue to use it as long as it stays free.

Pooh Bear

(I just posted this same message to the state farm thread)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tax Act dot com

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It is free. Not sure why you had problems. In fact we received free versions of both mailed to us each year directly from Turba Tax and Tax Cut. Never paid a dime. The only thing they try to sell me is the state form, which for us is so short it's not worth paying for.

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Actually, for certain income guidelines the state version of TurboTax and several other places is also free. I downloaded and used TaxAct and did the free e-file but I wish I would have waited and used TurboTax for everything. Could have prepared and e-filed Federal, State and my property tax refund all in the one program. Couldn't find a way to just e-file the state version though and since I had already filed the fed I just downloaded the computer forms from the state and did those. My return is fairly simple these days.

The big difference I found is that the TaxAct can be downloaded and done on the computer where TurboTax must be done online. Online is much slower and clumsy. But in the end it would have been worth it. I did print the TurboTax version to a file and compared it to the TaxAct version and the one I did. They were all the same. But then, they should be.

And not to nitpick, but the paper forms cost me 3 stamps to mail, plus paper and toner to print (I guess the other option is to drive somewhere to get the forms at $3.19/gal I needed since they mailed the wrong ones), while e-filing the federal in reality cost me nothing. Even the electricity can't be considered since it would have been on anyway. So which is "truly free"?

Now there is one thing that I don't really understand is paying $15 or so to e-file! OK, you get your refund a few weeks early, but that's a pretty high cost to get it IMO.

I really did like TaxAct. Very simple and straightforward. Very user friendly. TurboTax wasn't bad but nowhere near as user friendly. For people who are nervous about doing taxes they probably would find TaxAct much easier to use. I was so impressed, I even considered splurging and buying the state version for the $13 or $14, whatever it was. But then I used the computer form and thought that would really be an extravagance to do that. Plus I learned my lesson. Next year, I'll try TurboTax first if it's still free. And use TaxAct as the second opinion.

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I've bought Tax Cut standard edition the past two years at Dollar Tree. Look for it at the checkout counter. In some urban areas you have to ask for it at the checkout, they are kept behind the counter.

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How much was Tax Cut at Dollar Tree? (I was thinking DT was $1 on everything?). Federal or State also? Just kind of curious. Don't need it this year but possibly look for it next year.

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At Dollar Tree everything is a dollar. Only does federal, you mail in the forms. No state, but I don't care about that, it only takes about 15 minutes to do my state taxes onlin (for free). No frills but it has all the forms.

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