what are your favorite dollar store items?

vacuumfreakJanuary 6, 2007

I looked for a previous thread on this, but couldn't find one. I simply LOVE the Dollar Tree. They have such great things. I buy crafts stuff, make gift baskets, and some kitchen things as well. I just got a nice and pretty whisk that is orange silicone with a stainless steel handle that I adore. They have a great selection of cleaning supplies (chemicals... wouldn't dare get a cheap broom or mop from there). I got some chip clips, and cereal. Ours just got a frozen food section if you can believe it! I got a spray bottle to help with my cat's behavior. What are your favorite dollar store finds? What things would you NEVER buy there because of their inferior quality? I know that some things are okay and others are simply not. I may try their candles soon. Got a very nice hammer and some screw drivers there as well. I think I actually spend more money when I go there because I can afford the stuff! But I do feel rich when I walk out with a cart FULL of stuff for 25 dollars! I'm a college student with first apartment, so it is really handy for the household needs. I try to only go once every three months, because I go wild every time I enter!

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I like Awesome, the cleaning product. Was reccommended to me by someone on another forum and I tried it, and really do like it. I found it at Dollar Tree and at the 99Cent Store.

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You know a former co worker raved about that stuff years ago and I remember being very disappointed with it. I tried it out in the break room where we used to work, and I was going to start a housekeeping business. Tried it in kitchen and bathroom applications. I remember thinking water would have done a better job. It's brownish stuff with red writing on the bottle right? Lots of uses with proportion dilutions written on the bottle. Glad it works for you! I know there are many that like it, maybe I was using it on all the wrong things.

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Bought myself some packs of those red thypical autoshop towels, buck, buck and a half for several. Maid absolutely loves them.

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tape measures. I like to keep them all over since we are remodeling and they disappear the way clothes hangers multiply.
glass vases --I like to pick roses from my garden and give them to friends right in a vase.
scissors --they work okay on paper--that way my good ones for material don't get used to clip tags
gardening gloves
hammers and nails.
Its a great idea to go there with a small kid you are babysitting, they can pick out a small toy or crayons & a pad.

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Generally, I buy stuff that gets used up--wrapping paper, note pads, greeting cards. I pick up serving dishes/bowls there when I need to take something to someone else's house so I don't have to worry about getting the dish back. Sometimes, I get lucky and find cute cookbooks there--if they have enough, I buy them to give out as end-of-term gifts to the students in my chilren's cooking classes. I buy party favors and such for pinatas, etc.

I don't buy food or otc meds there--too many times, I've seen stuff that's past the expiration date. And I avoid cleaning supplies--often the ones at the dollar store are in the same bottles as the more expensive ones at the supermarket, but are watered down (not only have I heard that, but saw it with my own eyes, in a product I use frequently) so you need to use much more to get the job done.

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I try to avoid buying things there unless I absolutely can't get it elsewhere. Too much 'made in China' stuff there. I want my money kept in this country.

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I shop quite abit at Gen Dollar,Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. I buy whatever i find that i need. Don't buy OTC or cleaning stuff or food except at GD i do buy some food. and i know i save money.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I too buy things that get used up.

Some food items (They are carrying more named brand things these days it seems)
Bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles
Light Bulbs
Snacks-Should not go when I'm hungry I found out
Dawn dish soap-still just $1 though the bottle is a little smaller
Hand and body lotions and creams---love to try them all
Hand soap
Laundry soap
Sunglasses-seems I go thru a lot of them...lost or broken, and cannot be without them
greeting cards-bows

The list could go on and on.

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I like getting paper products there, as well as storeage containers. Some of the food products are good, and hey, the price is right!

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VHS tapes, batteries, Oxyclean soap,every day I could walk in there and find a bargain on something useful. Once bought 22 oz. boxes of Electrasol dishwasher detergent for a buck each. They are at least $3 in the grocery store.

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READING GLASSES - and I'm getting so that I need about the strongest ones that they offer, which are often the hardest to find.

o j

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Shower to Shower style bath powder (with cornstarch and baking soda) for $1 at Family Dollar. Less than half the price than even Walmart's Equate version.

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Hi! I do buy greeting cards @ $Tree when I remember to go there.
Have to say, I do not purchase cleaning products from there, tho'. Try to avoid chemicals. Can buy concentrated products from Shaklee & lasts a very long time. Very cost effective & healthier for all. Work for Seniors cleaning & maintaining their homes, so use a lot.
Was buying a designer pair of reading glasses when a friend said to go to Dollar Tree like Joyful mentioned. I had already paid my $15.00, but will take a look next time I'm there. An extra pair or two would be nice. Yes, I'm a senior, too.

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The easier question would be what don't I purchase from our 99 cents store. One near me sells food. Good quality name brand food. Between them and BJ's I rarely go into the supermarket anymore. Mostly now the market stop is for fruit or dishwashing liquid, detergent, bread. Thats about it.

The 99 cents store gets a shipment of food in every monday thru thursday. By friday the refigerators are almost bare. All the experation dates are new and the food doesn't last long in the store anyway.

I don't buy medicine type items unless you count things like blistex and vicks vapo nose inhaler. If they had brand tylenol and such I wouldn't hesitate. I get batteries beverages, household items like dishtowels, tools, whatever. This Christmas I cleaned up. I just 99 cent store hopped. They all had such wonderful decorations and ornaments most two or three for 99 cents.

Ok I could go on because I love the stores where I live and I save sooooooooo much money. I love juice and now instead of paying $3-$4 for Tropicana etc. I get it all for .99. My whole top shelf is nothing but juice! Oh and the moz sticks and frozen pizza! ok I said I would stop. :)

They pretty much have it all and I pretty much get it all. Except my female item needs since they dont sell brand. Toothpaste, Ivory soap which I find it hard to locate in regular stores now for some reason. Ok stopping now.

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I buy toothpaste and shmpoo there. I also like to get some cheap plastic(washable) cups/glasses for when my husband and all his friends are over working around the house or yard. With the disposable ones they get lost or go through a full pack in just a week. With the washable plastic I collect them at the end of the night, wash and then set out for the next day. I also buy plastic storage there- especially the "handy" baskets. They are amazing drawer organizers and also work great in the closets or pantry.

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LOVE the AWESOME cleaner for stains in the laundry works like nothing else but I don't use it for much other cleaning.

My Dollar Tree had name brand Sugar Free candy there for awhile loved that and SO MUCH CHEAPER!

I've gotten a lot of make up there all name brand.

They had the micro fiber dish cloths there for awhile don't got them no more wish I'd gotten more before they stopped carrying them.

The utility bags like a duffle bag on draw string all plastic DH and I has used those while traveling on the Harleys for years.

I bought several serving trays there that was metal several years ago they been used a bunch an still going strong we do have to cover them with foil tho as they did rust when washed and left to dry I figured they would but I was not the one who washed them.

This christmas I went looking just before christmas for something to put cookies in or on for taking out visiting as we went to others homes over christmas and found a couple of cookie sheets that I put a piece of parchment paper in that I cut with a scalloped edge laid it on the cookie sheet then the cookies. Covered with foil for transporting was careful with my foil and was able to reuse it and the parchment paper several times.

Wrapping paper cards and such are often bought there

Mylar balloons and theirs tends to stay up a really long time even in the hot summer with no A/C.

I have found Progresso soups there and it was over 2.50 in the other stores.

My list could go on an on too. But I'll stop

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I love dollar stores. My favorite buys there are: tin trays, scrubbing bubbles cleaner, any kind of wrapping paper and bows, gift bags, plastic storage containers, and glasses. The glasses because everytime I buy a good set, someone in my family ends up dropping one. Now I don't feel so bad anymore because I can go back and get another for a buck!
I love roaming the aisles to see what is new.

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Wanted to add a find my SIL found at Dollar General. dinner mints that come in clear bags that are hanging up. He has become addicted to the things and they are good.

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One year at Christmas hubby and I decided to buy each other only gifts from a dollar store. We got each other socks,tools,candy,coffee mugs, on and on...It was fun wrapping up plenty of little things for him.

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I definitely avoid edible items there unless it's a name brand and I verify expiration. I do buy spices there. Started going to Dollar Tree and bought a lot of stuff. Bought some of the LA Totally Awesome cleaner there to try out but you can get a bottle twice the size at Kmart for $2 so it's not the only place. I saw some people said in other places that they carry Greased Lightning and *that* is a great cleaner. Wanted to get some but they only had one bottle left and it was damaged. I won't buy aspirin or the like there, read too many credible tests that said they were inferior. I'd be very careful on foods.

Dollar Tree items ($1 ea) I bought some salt-free seasoning to try out, eyeglass cases and pouches to use for various things. Some claim they sell umbrellas but the ones I've been to don't have them. Possibly it's seasonal. I bought pill organizers even a 14 day one that is $6-$10 most places. Decent quality dishpans that I like for organizing shelves and even using in the frig. Bullseye BBQ sauce, Blue Ice packs, binder clips, pens and some other office supplies, The Works brand cleaners are good too. I didn't need any but digital oral/rectal thermometers are $1. They even carry pregnancy tests and marijuana drug test kits if you need them. Got a couple of the windshield cleaners - the microfiber cloth on a stick. Combs, hairbrushes, mirrors, Peroxide, alcohol, kitchen utensils, etc. Bought a 3 pack of toothbrushes with the tubular containers for traveling. I bought some cell phone cases there and they have chargers too.

I wanted to get some more wooden kitchen utensils but the quality was SO bad I passed. Splintery and just cheap so I said no. The aluminum disposable pans were cheaper at Walmart so I passed on those. Their paper products weren't a good value - so few sheets on a roll of toilet paper or towels, nope, no good.

A couple of the big grocery stores in the area have $1 areas too that I make use of.

One picnic we decided to bring a watermelon but didn't have a knife so we went to a dollar store and bought a serrated knife that worked fine for cutting it and I didn't care if it disappeared, which it did. Also picked up some aluminum trays to put meats in and used two, one to hold ice then one on top with the meat so it wouldn't get wet and it'd stay cool. Also buy serving spoons to use and toss when you are pretty sure you won't get them back from a pot luck.

There's different "dollar" type stores. Dollar General and Family Dollar are all different prices so you need to watch your pricing. Dollar Tree is $1 for everything, and they take coupons too.

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Hi...just dropping in. A friend of mine burned down part of her house with a defective candle from pic-n-save. Just thought I'd share.

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I love their toothpaste. I have sensitive teeth and have been using the store brand paste for sensitive teeth for years. It works as good as Sensodyne for only $1.00 a tube.

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I love Dollar Tree! Here are my faves:

⢠white-covered wire shelving (surprisingly strong)
⢠solar outdoor lights (I keep 3 in a small flower pot next to my cat's food dish so I don't have to turn on the porch light at night when I feed her)
⢠seasonal decorations (American flags, pink flamingos, etc)
⢠household goodies: microfiber towels (kitchen and car-care sections), 24-oz hand soap refills, 12-pack kitchen trash bags, plastic flower pots, picture frames, photo paper, etc etc!
⢠Milk Duds

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