Countertops installed today...but pitted?

quelynApril 19, 2013

Countertops were installed today and I am thrilled!! However, the marble seems to have quite a few pits in it. Installer said that is normal and to be expected with marble. Is that true?

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Your counters are really beautiful.

My marble has pits in it too and I'm hoping it will go away when they are honed. What did your fabricator say? Were the pits there before they were installed?

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Hey Dude, you look way too happy to be in the middle of a reno! :>) Maybe it's because your kitchen is looking great!
Can't answer your Q about the marble, but it's beautiful. What kind is it? What color are your cabs?

I'm interested to see more of your kitchen because my current layout has a sink in a pony wall like yours.
Is that your family room on the other side?

I don't have seating there becaue my entry from the hallway is just to the left. Doesn't look like you have seating there either, true?

I'd love to see more of the pony wall from the family room side. Could you please post another picture
further back so I could see how you framed out the opening to the left with the little bit of wall that comes down from ceiling to the pony wall and what the back of the lower cabs look like?


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Sophie Wheeler

Glass smooth stones are actually the exception, not the rule. Most stone has pits, mineral deposits, veining, fissures and other natural elements in it's composition. Some wholesalers are applying resin to stones to help to fill in those voids, but it will change the color of the stone and not wear evenly at the cut edges and potentially yellow over time. Work WITH Mother Nature and embrace the wabi sabi nature of her product. After all, if you'd wanted glass smooth plastic, you'd have bought some type of man made material!

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Hi, island!

Here is a pic from the vantage point of my living room.
We built in a bench to serve as seating in the small dining area.
To the top left will be a finished panel that looks just like our cabinetry panels. Hope this helps!

Also, thanks for all the words of comfort, hollysprings, you are right, I wanted real stone and real stone is what I got in all its natural beauty. I was just concerned because I have never seen marble countertops in person. Thanks!

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That looks like a honed carrara or bianco carrara. Looks great in your kitchen.
I work on stone every day and while there can always be some features(fissures/pitting) or fills in the stone.
In carrara type marbles the surface should be 99% or more smooth.
It should feel soft and very smooth to your fingertips.
What type of pitting or marks do you have. If the pits or marks are white it could be a stun mark caused by an object hitting the surface. You can google stun marks on marble surfaces for more detail. If it is an actual chip or something you can stick your fingernail in that shouldnt be.
It may be able to be corrected by a stone refinisher.
Stop in at another fabricator in your area and look at some similar slabs.

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quelyn: Hope you post some pics when the kitchen is complete. Very nice.

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Looks great, regardless. However, when we picked our Carreras we looked through about 8-10 that had pits. The stone yard guy kept saying no and showing me things I would have missed. We got two nearly perfect slabs that were sequential as well. We love ours. And of course etched them on night one!

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