Provia Doors- Painted Heritage vs. Painted Textured Steel

goddiMarch 10, 2012

I want to replace my current door with a Provia door that has the large oval window. It is only available in the fiberglass Heritage and the steel model, not the Signet.

I want the outside color to be their Forest Green and the inside to be white. My questions is, what is the difference between the look of the fiberglass Heritage being painted and the textured steel door being painted (factory painted).

Will the painted fiberglass door look any better than the painted textured steel? Are there any other considerations other than 'looks'? The door will be in a covered Victorian porch.

Any advise????


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Thank you for choosing ProVia as your entry door choice. I am glad to assist you regarding your questions.

First, let me explain that the fiberglass woodgrain texture feels and looks like a true woodgrain. It will take to a stain or paint beautifully giving your entry way a look of beauty and elegance.

For an entryway, we recommend our fiberglass door. We have several glass options and stain options that will best complement your 'painted lady' home.

Secondly, if you choose a textured steel woodgrain, it will have an embossed pattern that will look like woodgrain, but not a deep grain that the fiberglass woodgrain offers. Our steel doors are excellent for both security and beauty.

Please visit our website to see all of the available door options you can choose from. You can also call our excellent customer service department to find a dealer nearest you. Our customer service is available Mon - Fri. 8am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Again, thank you for choosing ProVia.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Signet entry doors

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To find a dealer nearest you, contact our customer service toll-free number is 800.699.4711

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Fiberglas has a better feel and will probably insulate slightly better. Steel is a commercial spin-off and really should not be used except to the garage.

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