Has Anyone Tried Door Knobs from Better Home Products?

kendog2March 17, 2012

We're in the process of replacing our brass finish door hardware with satin nickel. We bought some door knobs on Ebay. They are from Better Home Products and are made in China. I bought these knobs because they're advertised as all metal and include a 25 year warranty. So far, I'm not impressed. The finish on the deadbolts is rough. We've installed just one knob so far - on a bathroom door. It looks nice but the privacy knob doesn't rotate as smoothly as I'd hoped. Only ten days after installation the door knob squeaks when turned. I know you get what you pay for but since we're on a very tight budget, I had hoped to save some money.

Despite the cost of shipping, I'm tempted to send everything back and replace with Schlage hardware. I've read good reviews about Schlage. Our old hardware was Kwikset and lasted only a few years.

Has anyone had experience with the Better Home Products door hardware? I wonder if it would function better if I greased the mechanisms before installing?

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Seems no one has.

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