How should I hang this cabinet?

joann23456November 29, 2010

I just put together a ready-to-assemble cabinet for over the toilet. It has a flimsy back, which came folded. It looks okay, but can't bear any weight. The only thing they provide for hanging is a keyhole hanger inset into the top of each of the side pieces in the back.

These hangers do not line up with the studs I have available, at least not if I'm going to center the cabinet. The walls are plaster and lathe, so no way to use a molly.

Any ideas of how to hang the cabinet? I thought I could attach a 1x2 to screw into, but that would push the cabinet out from the wall.

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Add the 1x2 nailer to the top inside of the cabinet back.

Secure the nailer with glue to the flimsy back and glue and a couple of nails through the cabinet sides into the ends of the nailer and a couple more nails through the the cabinet top into the edge of the nailer. Paint/stain the nailer as needed.

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"The walls are plaster and lathe, so no way to use a molly. "

Actually, you just need a longer molly.

If the cabinet goes to the floor for weight bearing, all the all fastening is for is tipping.

A Molly setting tool works much better in plaster walls.
The small teeth on the molly are not adequate to dig into the plaster and prevent turning during tightening of the molly and expansion.

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Since there's no room for error in leveling, spacing and lining up screws with those keyholes, I'd go the Mongo route. Otherwise, if you're off by a hair it's a nuisance.

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