middlechild_2009January 26, 2009

I have "lurked" here reading Forums for years now and feel as if several of you are old friends - especially Ole Joyful! I finally got around to registering. Is there a "Procrastinator's" Forum by any chance? Never mind, I am here now. I just want you all to know how much enjoyment and help you have given to me and friends I have shared your input with over the years and say - Thanks!

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Well, we've been waiting for you! Welcome!
I agree about Ole Joyful--as we say here in Texas, "He's a hoot with a boot" meaning his funny remarks have a deeper meaning behind them.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Welcome middlechild_2009!

I have to ask just why you waited for years before registering and making your first post. Though I am a pretty bad procrastinator myself, I would have never been able to just lurk without sometime wanting to say or ask something.

Anyway, congratulations on finally getting registered and posting. I look forward to your input. Don't be a stranger.

Yes, OJ's remarks often have a deeper meaning behind them, and he is a favorite of mine.

Sue...who has made arrangements to be late for her own funeral.

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I'm embarrassed.

Sue - haven't heard of a date being set, yet.

Let us know if/when you hear ... and how much late you plan to be?

Have you made a will?

If not - what the STATE SAYS ... GOES!

Thanks for the accolades, folks.

ole joyful

P.S. Life is sort of fun, isn't it?

o j (temporary resident of Phoenix - no snow ... but they had some in Flagstaff - just so I wouldn't feel bereft: threw a snowball at daughter)

P.P.S. What "Money Saving Tips" do you have for an old fart three days short of 80?

o j

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Middlechild, we are so glad you joined. Please jump right in and teach us something frugal (giggle) Joyful does brighten things up around here.

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Welcome middlechild, do as lexi says, jump in and add your comment or pass along something, or stir the pot...any and all ideas are welcome here. We give and take and enjoy the interaction of like minded people. Welcome. Budster

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Bring a friend.

Lots more people need to learn how to manage their income and assets more effectively ... especially in these difficult economic times.

And they're not over yet - not by a long shot.

Have a great weekend.

A half dozen of my family are helping me celebrate my 80th, here in Arizona, this weekend.

I'm really thankful to have enjoyed good health throughout those 80 years and am enjoying retirement ...

... frugal habits throughout one's life pay off in a comfortable retirement. And I have some pensions - fewer and fewer people these days enjoy such a boon.

ole joyful

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I became a member here a few years back. I had problems posting so I just keep on reading on.....but I am finally able to give my two cents now....... I love this place.....and OJ is a hoooooot.


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