change the light bulb in Sirius range hood

beatrix_in_canadaMarch 9, 2012

I've changed a few light bulbs in my life but this one has me stumped. And not just me, a couple of friends tried it as well and were not successful.

We have a Sirius SU7 range hood and cannot figure out how to change the halogen light. The instruction manual is not helpful either and the phone number supplied for additional help out of service. I do not want to pay for a $150 service call ... any suggestions?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I found this on line....
Bulb replacement is accomplished by prying the lamp out with a sharp instrument.
Take caution that the glass does not fall out and break. Do not remove the entire
fixture, as this is very difficult to re-install. Bulbs are available from the hood fan
supplier or direct from Sirius. If in doubt call customer service and support for
assistance � toll free 866 528-4987

It sounds like it might be pretty hard to do, without breaking it.

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Yup, this is exactly what's written in my manual. That phone number doesn't work, though :-(

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Just stopped in here and saw this post. My Dacor hood bulbs were impossible as well and were supposed to have some suction device that my builders must have thrown away.

When I called Dacor, a very helpful young man told me that the suction device didn't work very well any way.

He told me to wad up duct tape and use it to unscrew the bulb. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps you.

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And make sure you do not touch the new bulb.

The slightest bit if fingerprint oil will char and make a hot spot leading to VERY fast bulb failure.

Even cleaning on after you touch it is a PITA.

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