Don't want to lurke

roseluverFebruary 3, 2006

I have been lurking here for sometime now. I would love to

try some of the wonderful tuts you ladies are doing. Do I

need to join to be able to use your tuts, or just dive right in? I am a "paying member". Although I don't know what that means anymore. arosegirl

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Great to have a new face, everyone here is helpful and friendly so feel free to jump right in and join us.
Most importantly - Have fun
Sue :)

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Welcome ARosegirl! Great bunch here, very helpful, so jump in and join in the fun. Glad to have ya with us.

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Glad to see you are joining us. You'll find us a pretty friendly bunch but watch out for Urlee! haha

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Welcome Rosegirl. This is the best bunch of people. Everyone is always willing to help each other out.

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Welcome, arosegirl. Please jump right in. I did and these wonderful ladies haven't thrown me out yet.

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Me again.
I haven't updated my site for a long time but I used to put the tuts we did here on there with a link to the tutorial.
You might enjoy seeing some of those and getting idea. I apologise in advance for any broken links.

Just click on Paintshop Pro to get started - there's five pages on tuts there.
Sue :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sue's page

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Welcome arosegirl,
It is "Free" so jump right in and join the rest of us here.
If you need help, it will give us something to do? :)

OK, Judy, I saw that. Hee hee.

AND SUE! That is, was, such a wonderful site you did of our loooong struggle through learning PSP, to look back on.
I wish I would have had the brains to do that or to do what I just started to do in keeping files of the tuts!

Some day, I am going to look back at my notebook to see the ones I did. Yes, I did print them all out to do but not the URL in case I can look them up and didn't save the tut to a file I now have called "Tutes". I really have a neat system now where I can at least find things pertaining to the tutorials. They have their own little folder of the supplies needed where before, I used to dump them all in ONE file and didn't know what to look for?
Sorry to ramble on but it's "Urlee" and I have a lot of wind, "LOL" "Good morning"


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Thanks for the warm welcome. Marilyn, I need to "talk" to you about your system to keep up with the tuts. arosegirl

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Well I will be darned!!!!!
How can you ever forgive me for not recognizing you?
Double welcome gal!
I surely will try and write you how and what I do for my new file system. It involves the DL's of the zipped, unzipping, and where and how's.
Hugs, ~Urlee~

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