newbie** Layout ideas for small/ functional Living/Play room!(PIC

StefanieK03July 26, 2012

OKAY, here it goes.

I've always followed the forums on here and finally ive got the bug to redo my Living/playroom.

I live in a small house 16'/20'(PICTURED)

Im looking to get a new sectional and take out the rocker

but the layout of this room, and having the the focal point of the room around the TV makes it seem impossible for me to have a better layout than the one I have, any advice is greatly appricated.

Im wanting to completely redo this whole room, paint, floors, furniture, wall art, decor peices. but i have no idea where to start!!!

There is 2 windows which barely bring any light into this room so I would need colors that would look best in lower lighting but not make the room look any smaller.

Thanks so much for the imput.

I also have more pictures if needed just havent figured out how to upload more yet.

&& excuse the mess- its naptime! :)


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To begin I think you should eliminate the large unit holding the electronics and t.v. and find a much smaller table for the tv and put the electronic underneath. If the carpeting is going, then consider a laminate or wood floor so there are two areas to get started. What are you favorite colors? I'd paint first and then do the floors. You could even put the t.v. under the opening to the kitchen and free up so much more room. Will it just be a t.v. room or would you want some storage for the toys? Let's see what others say.

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Thanks! Ive always hated the way my tv is set up, are you talking about wall mounting it in the kitchen opening?

Yes I definetly need some way to "hide" all the toys, which i havent figured out yet. The space behind my couch is where its currently placed. maybe some ikea shelves or a chest?
I love the idea of a nice warm biege paint color, or even light grey something that can flow through to the kitchen but im scared of having a pink undertone because of the lighting.
In this picture im standing at the front door, so im trying to figure out a good placement for the bigger furniture & also have a good walk path to the kitchen.
the left of the picture is my large recliner, side table & rocker

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Annie Deighnaugh

Other pics would be helpful. You said the room is 16' x 20'? and the front door opens into the room? Where is the other window?

Also, obviously this is a playroom. But is it something else? Do you entertain and need adult seating? Or is it fundamentally family and TV viewing? Do you want to limit the amount of playroom space to make it half play half adult?

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I'd also like to see more photos of the room because I'm wondering if the current tv setup + the broken up seating area could be better arranged.

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Her is me standing by the TV.
again, excuse the mess my 2 yr old is a tornado

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Her is me standing by the TV.
again, excuse the mess my 2 yr old is a tornado

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I would prefer it to be just a family/tv room. Im considering just taking out the play area because the space just doesn't flow.
If i had a sectional where the tv is now, where could I position the tv? or vise versa. put a sectional on the backwall/covering the window, but where would the tv go.
its so hard for me to figure this out!
Thanks so much yall :)

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A sectional would probably be good for your room. Instead of a coffee table a large ottoman that has storage on the inside would be good to hide away smaller toys (with little ones, they always want to play where mom is). Possibly you could utilize a sofa table as well and have some decorative baskets underneath for even more storage. A nice lamp on the sofa table to would be great too.

Is there any way you can take a photo from your dining area towards to the TV and entrance wall?

For your photos...I think a gallery wall would work so much better than what you currently have. The pics are too small and hung too high. Group them all together and they would look great!!

Have to run, but hopefully you'll get some great ideas!

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Ok, wasn't gone that long. In the meantime, could you put your sofa on angle toward the tv? Just line it up with the rug. Take your leather chair and place it along the short side of the rug next to the window. If your small table will fit in the corner of the sofa and chair that would be a good place for it. Oh, and if what I think I'm seeing next to the tv(stacked suitcases) you could put those in that corner instead. The decorative key might look good above the cut out to the kitchen...hung long ways. Take down the art print on the wall next to the cutout and arrange a collection of your photos. Try not to go hang any higher than the the print currently is and have the bottom of your last frame hit below the height of the bottom of the cutout. I know this isn't what you were asking for, but while you're planning room layout and the more permanent direction you want to go in...there is no reason you can't try something different with what you have right now.

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Sorry for the multiple posts...Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige is a great color. I had it in my last house and it didn't have any pink or green undertones and looked great with the cherry laminate flooring.

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I think it would better with the seating placed along the long wall, and the wall where the tv is now, an L shaped sectional or a sofa and loveseat floated away from the wall, and then move the tv to where the brown recliner is now. It looks like you have room to angle it a bit in that little corner towards all the seating for better viewing. I think that would open up the area more and you'll have plenty of room to walk through to the kitchen and dining room (and you won't see the tv as soon as you walk in the front door). For now I'd just rearrange what you have and see how it works. As far as the toys go, I think perhaps that little wall under the kitchen would be a good area out of the way where you could just park the toys when they aren't being used so they aren't scattered around. I think you could even start to get your son involved so he parks his toys in the car park when he's finished playing with them :)

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I agree Kilim beige is beautiful. I think also a sectional where the t.v. is now and the t.v. could be placed under the opening to your kithen so you're looking at eye level sitting down. I'd like to see some texture in the room so bamboo shades would look great and some drapes. When you choose your flooring keep in mind your bamboo shades so they'll be in the same tones. You have a lovely room to make in to a charming room, just go one step at a time. I usually do
Paint, floor, chose a color scheme, furniture, drapes, blinds and perhaps an area rug and then all the fun stuff like pillows, accessories etc. When you go shopping, take pictures of what you like and you can run the items by this forum to help you make choices. I've seen rooms in here that were transformed by a group effort and turned out just wonderfully.

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I have to disagree about getting a sectional. Was the first picture taken with a wide range lens? The room appears larger compared to the other pictures.

Unless you have a really large room, there's not a whole lot you can do with a sectional once you get tired of the arrangement. I like to rearrange furniture though. lol

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Annie Deighnaugh

Do you use the opening to the kitchen for passing chips and drinks and such? Or do you use it just to keep an eye on things? If you use it where people will stand there, then you don't want the TV set under it.

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THANKS SO MUCH! for yalls input!
I used a NIKON 1 for the pictures, with no change in the lens, its much smaller than that first picture decives.

Thanks for the picture idea, I will definitly try arranging the pictures like that!

right now the "bar" area to the kitchen isnt being used at all. I thought maybe some small bar stools, but then again with the way its set up now it couldnt work.
I feel the best place for a sectional would be where the TV is now, but putting the tv across the room in the corner would be difficult because of the limited walk way and it'd probably be almost 20' away lol.

Would covering a window with furniture be horrible for this room?

I love the idea of bamboo shades!
& the ottoman with hiding the toys :)
I will try those ideas and keep updating photos!
Ill be purchasing the paint/ minimal decor the first weekend of August :)

Here is a link that might be useful: extra photos

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