The best thing about PSP X...

joanmnFebruary 13, 2006

to me, anyhow, is the straighten tool. I LOVE it! I take so many sunrise and sunset shots on lake and rivers and my horizons are ALWAYS crooked. So much easier to use this, than try to manually straighten the horizon.

What's your favorite feature?

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Hi Joanmn,
I have PSPX and started to LOVE it until I found the rotate tool rotates ALL the layers when I only want the highlighted one rotated and the others are hidden.
Wrote to Corel but so far getting the run around!


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I just started to use X and so far there isn't a favorite anything in there for me. LOL
I know it's just till I get used to it, but boy am I having trouble getting used to it.

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I haven't played with it too much yet but am so glad that you asked this question. I was wondering the same thing because I am more used to psp7. I do like the warp brush although I haven't gotten very good at using it yet. Anyone know a tut using this tool? I will be interested in what everyone else finds they like. Terri

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Urlee, use the "Free Rotate", it gives you the option of one layer. You can type in the number and enable left or right. If you want it to rotate the image, exactly, the opposite, type in 270.00 (repeat) then use Flip.

Terri, I use the Warp tool. What kind of help do you need ? Give me an example.

Did you download X or did you buy the boxed version ? The manual has information on the Warp tool on pages 87/88. If you on...
Help(top of workspace)
Help Topics
Type 'Warp'
Click on 'Images' (under the word Warp)
Click: Display (bottom of index) will bring up a menu with several choices.

I really like PSPX, I don't use any of the other versions. I especially like the DCNR (Digital Camera Nose Removal).


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I wish you were here for me to hug you so hard but then again, it's a good thing for you, cause, for how happy you made me, I would squeeze toooo hard and may hurt you!
I feel like crying cause you are such a precious jewel of a person. I really got tears in my eyes cause of it. I don't mean to slobber but after umpteen letters to Corel, you answered my question where they could not.
I tried it and saw that box to uncheck and now ALL is WELL!
Bless you, bless you, bless you,
I had to try it again cause I couldn't believe it!

Here is 2 of their few replies which they just wouldn't give me an answer.

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Urlee, you're as welcome as the flowers in May.

Don't know why they have to make it so complicated. It's no wonder people get so discouraged.


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Joy I bought the PSPX version at the store & haven't really even read any of the book yet. I was just playing around with a pic of my dog & trying to make him look like those distorted dogs you see on greeting cards. I need to do an actual tut some time but haven't so far. Keep the good tips coming. Urlee I see you are as funny as you always have been. You all on this forum are a lot of fun. Terri I better get started on learning some things before it starts to get warm outside.

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Clair, "tut" is short for the word 'tutorial', also, sometimes shortened to 'tute'.


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