Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener

mopat_2009March 4, 2009

I have Craftsman (139.53662SRT2) garage door opener and two remotes (139.53681B). Both have new batteries and worked fine until they stopped working. After several trial & error, and attempts to reprogram, I was able to determine that both openers work fine when garage door light is off but don't close or open the door when light is on.

Any ideas??

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Try removing the light bulb and see what happens.

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Removing one or both bulbs does not help. Only when I press light button on wall control to turn off light, the remotes work. The wall remote works fine with or without light on.

I tried to program my other two buttons on remote to control light and that also does not work. The instructions I had to program my remote for light are:
a)Press any other button (I have 3 buttons on remote) on remote and hold it
b) Press light button on wall control and hold it
c) and press lock button on wall control and hold it until light goes off.
But I can't make my remote work to control light. I thought I can switch off light with remote and then use it to open/close door.

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I am having trouble programming my remote for my craftsman 1/2 h.p model 139.53879, i folled the instructions for replrogramming the remote and it still does not work, any other tips to correct this issue?

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mopat I think the instructions you are reading is to turn the light on when you walk through the door. I have never seen one where you could control the lights with the remote.

tweety13 give me some more information. Have you replaced the battery? Did the remote just quit? Do you have more than one remote? Did the remote you are trying to program come with the opener?

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Don - Thanks. Any ideas on the original problem of remotes not working when light switch on wall control is on? The wall control works with or without ligth switch on.

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Yes I have replaced the battery, i thought that is why it was not working but it still does not work, i lost the keychain remote so i just have the remote that sits on my visor in my van. I followed the instruction on the back of the unit to program the remote but I still can not use the remote

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mopat is the light on the wall control blinking? The lock function may be turned on which keeps the remotes from working. Try holding the button with the lock icon in for 3 seconds and then try.

tweety13 you only answered one of my questions. Answer them all and I will try to help you.

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Broke one of the wires on my eyes ,after repairing now lights dont work and the only way to shut garage is to hold down button on wall , not even remote will close. helppppp

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I actually answered 3 of your question and the answer to the 4th question is yes the remote came with the unit it was installed by the previous owner of my house...below are the answers again
1. yes i replaced the battery
2. yes it just stopped working
3. yes it came with the opener
4. i have a visor remote and a key chain remote but one of the kids lost the keychain remote so i dont knwo where that one is.

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Recently, I had to reset my keypad for my garage door opener. I had to literally unplug the entire unit, then replace the battery on the keypad unit, and it finally worked. One my car remotes don't work. I have Craftsman Remote Control, 3-Function Security openers, and I have replaced both batteries. I have also tried to push the button with the padlock on it twice, the light is not blinking at all...and still they do not work. Any ideas??

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tweety either your remote or your logic board is bad.

frankie does your main light flash 10 times and your door reverse when you try to close it. If so you still have a sensor problem. Make sure you hooked up the sensor wires correctly. One of them is solid white and one has a black tracer. They can't be crossed.

mego I think your keypad has reverted to an earlier technology (manufacturers words). Try programming the remotes and see if your keypad quits working.

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I went and bought a new visor remote and a new keychain remote and i can not get either of those to work either

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tweety the odds are that it is your logic board. But just to make sure try programming this way if you are not already.

Press and hold the button on your remote and then press and immediately release the smart/learn button.

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