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kyryFebruary 2, 2006

Don't know if anyone else uses this, but for some reason I got an e-mail.


Hi everyone,

I notified my server last night that I wanted to shut down my site. Supposed to give them a week notice so I put a notice on update page that it was moving and put new url on it. Got up this morning and they had already shut it down. The site is not on the new server yet. I am putting it up now. Probably won't be up and running before Monday. The new url will be Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Please let anyone you know that uses the site what the new url is.


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I don't know what that was all about, I just went to the site and it was still there. Was it spam? Not sure. So I wouldn't save that new link to my favorites if I were you till we see what happens. I thought it was odd that I would be getting an e-mail, I never corresponded with the owner of that site.

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Thanks Carol
I use grandstand graphics a LOT but I never got a notice.
I do know it was over bandwidth last month and had to close until the limits reset so maybe the owner is moving it to a more generous server.

That link wouldn't work yet as it won't be moved until Monday according to the mail you received.

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No,I meant the old link still worked. I just tried it again. I did email her from the address on her old site and got this reply.I remember now sending her an email a long time ago complementing her on her site.
Yes I am moving the site. It should be up and running by Monday at the latest I hope. You received the email as I had you in my address book from having written me about the site.

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