Insulate your crawl space

bellagossJanuary 17, 2007

I live in frigid Wyoming (-28 F the past few nights).

Our local power company has a program where for $100 they will do an energy audit of your home. If you follow through with whatever they suggest, they will pay for much of the work, plus give you your $100 back.

We had one done a year ago and they suggested we insulate our crawl space (under the floor above the crawl space...the sides were already insulated). We live in a 1575 sqft ranch house with no basement, only a crawl space. They paid for 80% of the cost to do so.

It has cut our energy bill by at least a third this winter.


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Having taken advantage of an offer like that, not only do you get your rear-end warmed ...

... at a lower ongoing price than formerly ...

... but doesn't it just warm your heart to learn how kind-hearted power corporations can become?

Aren't you a really happy camper!

Now - in case of power outage ...

... do you have some neighbours with a small portable generator who would loan theirs for an hour or two every day or two during a power outage?

Especially if you have a freezer with some good stuff in it.

Or would you consider getting a generator of your own, possibly canvassing some neighbours first to see whether they'd like to buy a share in order to have some generating available when the power goes out for a time?

You could use some of the cash that you saved in the insulating job ... plus the ongoing savings on your monthly power bill.

Just imagine - how often can you get a generator at no cost? Bought by the power company, at that!!??

I don't have to wish you a happy weekend - you'll be having one!

ole joyful

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Kind of a strange reply. My guess is you are being sarcastic.

Actually, our local power company is a member-owned coop, not a private corporation.

No generator, but considering solar panels. We can live without electricity if we have to during a power outage. Wood fires creates heat. Candles and headlamps create light. Don't care if things in our freezer thaw. We are lucky that we don't need air-conditioning in our climate. Can live without email and a phone...would be a pleasant break. Already don't have a TV. Can walk to or bike town if we need to. BUT, I am sure some of our neighbors have generators. We watch out for each other.

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Hi bellagoss,

The sarcasm was limited to the comment about the apparent kind-heartedness of corporations.

I'm glad that your agency is a co-operative - I like to see people owning their own stuff.

The generator idea was straight talk - some years ago I advertised on a local radio station and recruited one to take down to a large section of our province where people had been without power for a while and a number of people were happy to get some generating done for their freezers. At no charge, by the way.

They wanted to hook up furnace, too, but most have direct connection to fuse box and I was not going to mess with that.

I grew up on a farm 60 years ago, and now live in a farming community and such people tend to help one another. Dad used to say that when our neighbour had trouble, we went to help: I think that if the neighbour's trouble was of his own making, Dad's enthusiasm might be somewhat reduced, but I think he'd go.

Some self-interest there, as well - for farming people keeping livestock, etc. can't get sick. In addition to them working 7 days a week (and no "overtime").

If you've heard my comments here, at Household Finance and Kitchen Table, you'll know that sometimes I get involved with rather quirky humour, but generally am rather a good-spirited character.

Heck, I even gave a Christmas gift last year over at KT that should save folks hundreds.

How do you like that - one item, but it works as a gift to hundreds?

Shouldn't that be an entry for the "Tightwad Gazette"?

Of course, it's the same one that I've offered here in various forums for 3 - 4 years, now - does one call that regifting, or what? Retreading of one that's become a bit dog-eared around the corners, maybe.

Good wishes to you and yours.

ole joyful

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