Island Prep Sink - Worth it?

kjreifApril 8, 2013

I'm trying to decide if the cost is worth it to add an island prep sink to our kitchen. The island is plenty big...almost 10 feet, so we have the space. The plumber came out and said it would be about $1000 just in plumbing costs to get a sink there, plus the cost of the sink and faucet itself. I'm trying to decide it it's worth it or not.

I'm the only cook in the family. My husband does all the dishes (I'm so lucky!), but I do all the cooking if that helps at all.


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Post a layout of your kitchen. Not every kitchen benefits from a prep sink, but some really need it. Really depends on your layout and how you use your kitchen. Because of my layout, the function of my kitchen would dramatically decrease without my island prep sink. Can't imagine my kitchen without one.

Is the cost worth it? Yes, if it makes your kitchen an efficient space.

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Here's the layout. The main sink would be under the window, on the left side of the drawing and the prep sink in the island.


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And another pic...

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My husband and I had differing opinions about having a prep sink in our island (I wanted it and he didn't want like the thought of looking at a faucet sticking up in the island, didn't want to sit in front or the sink, etc.). Our designer pointed out that it would be much easier to have it installed during the remodel than at a later time. We decided to go ahead an have the prep sink, and we chose oil rubbed bronze fixtures which blend in with our lighting and Cambria Canterbury quartz counter tops. Although we don't use it on a daily basis, it has been very handy to have the second sink when the main sink is being used. And our daughter has claimed the area in front of the sink as "her special spot". Things work out sometimes! :-)

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Yes you can definitely use the prep sink, it will make a world of difference to the kitchen's functionality.

Suggestions, move the trash to where you currently show trays,so it's accessible to snackers at the fridge and hubby for cleanup. Move the sink down towards the other side of the island so that you'll have a nice long prep area closest to where you'll be plunking down food as you grab it out of the fridge.

Nice layout overall!

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm actually thinking about doing 2 garbage pullouts. One in the island and one by the main sink. As I think I'd like to have a garbage near the prep space. Even if I don't do another sink I was considering that. The kitchen project is a little overwhelming to say the many choices!

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Definitely a prep sink! It would make a big difference in your kitchen. You'r island will become one big prep area if you have a prep sink. I'd vote for moving it further down the island too. Not all the way to the end, but on the other side of the range. That will make it nicely accessible to the microwave, give you a nice landing space on the island for things coming from the fridge, and room to prep. A trash pullout nearby would be great too.

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In case you need another vote -- yes, that layout needs the prep sink If you move it to the far end of the island to get a continuous prep space, it will still be in good proximity to the range, but further away from the fridge where your produce will come from and need to be rinsed and leftovers get put away. It is also further to take dirty dishes tot he cleanup zone. Assuming your eating area is where the viewer on these drawings would be standing, I could also see the prep sink becoming the hand washing/projects and passerby sink. Whether that means the cook looses territory or multi-function is better for you is something you will have to assess for your needs and your family.

My prep sink is at the end near the fridge but also just a pivot and step from the ovens or cooktop as well as my baking area. That pretty well covers the areas where I am most likely to have handled meat, have egg goo on my hands, or need to wash off batter and such.

My first thought would be to place the sink as you have it drawn or close to it (you might even want to move it tot eh left -- closer to the fridge end and have your long prep space/baking and cooling area to the right). Think about the use of the space and how you and your family will use it.

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My current kitchen is a bit smaller than yours. It has a prep sink. When I moved into this house I thought "why on earth is there a sink here when I can just walk a few steps to the main sink?" Little did I know how much I would use it! Now, I won't have a kitchen without one. :)

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Sophie Wheeler

Without a prep sink, you won't ever really use that island as intended. And there will be a constant conflict of use around the other sink.

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A water source will be far away from you work zone without a prep sink. I would be miserable in your kitchen without one, to be honest. With a prep sink, it is a fantastic layout. Without it, not so much.

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I think it really depends on your preference and how you use the space. I hate having a second sink, it is one more thing to clean. I also really like having my island completely unobstructed for entertaining and prepping. I have no problem just turning around and using the sink under the window.

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My kitchen layout is practically identical to yours. My prep sink is in the same spot where your mock up shows yours would go.

I looooove my prep sink! Highly recommend it.

We use it constantly. It makes a huge difference in a layout like yours/mine, b/c of the proximity of the island and prep sink to the range/cooktop. I'm constantly prepping at the island while cooking, and using the prep sink all the while.

I wasn't able to have a garbage disposal at my prep sink--do that if you can, too.

Our home is built on a slab (down here we don't have basements), and I had to have the slab cracked open to install the plumbing for the prep sink, plus have a dedicated tankless HWH installed for that sink. Do it now if you can!!

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Our layout is similar to yours as well. Love our prep sink. My husband didn't see why we needed one at the time, but I prevailed. He has since come around. It makes life easier, and makes the island so much more functional.

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The prep faucet has not yet been installed but having 2 sinks will probably be a marriage saver for us, LOL. I also do all the cooking and DH does the dishes (hasn't always been the case but it is now).

I do most of the prep work over the sink and he does the dishes at night. Imagine the conflict with all the dirty dishes piling up in my prep zone! Especially given that the sink is very visible from the LR.

I don't think that $1K is too much for a chance to have a second sink. Go for it!

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Yes! It's well worth the $1000 based on your layout. Sinks and faucets can be had cheaply, and (especially the faucet) changed out later if you want to save money at the moment, but definitely do it -- we use ours multiple times every day and before I would have said we weren't two cook family (barely one cook before), but a great kitchen changes these things and now we're both in there all the time. Do it! And be sure to check back in and tell us how much you love it!

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One more vote for yes. At first we weren't going to add one, but after reading discussions here I started reconsidering, and so glad that I did. We use it all the time. I agree with those that have said it makes your island more functional as a prep area. Absolutely put in a second trash pull out as well. You can also use the sink as an ice bucket for drinks when entertaining.

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If you want real estate for chopping, but also want a sink consider getting a sink with an inlaid drop in cutting board. There are a few sizes, and it might convince you to not get a tiny prep sink, as if you do, you will be making a lot of mess. Washing vegees and hands needs some space or it will splatter all over your counter. If you get something convertbile you can have the best of both worlds.
I'm doing a Franke Beaches sink (yikes not cheap, but bought a floor model on Ebay), as it gives me all sorts of prepitudeness potential....

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