Building a doorway arch - advice needed

MariaBarbaraNovember 25, 2012

I want to build a simple doorway arch and I'm thinking about using metal studs to make the frame. I've read many things about the advantages of using metal studs, but I haven't used them before. Basically, I want something like this, but I haven't any clue on how it will resist on the long run. I'll looking forward to reading your opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: doorway arch

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When I made my elliptical arch for my bathroom alcove, I used baltic birch plywood for the facing, and lined the inside of the arch with almost-solid blocking, then used two layers of dampened 1/4" drywall to bend to the curve. I then applied flexible plastic corner bead with glue, and mudded with durabond. The plywood was in place of any drywall. I did this (in an old house) in 2008 and the plywood/plaster tape joint has not cracked.
Plywood instead of drywall allowed me to get the curve exactly as I wanted it; drywall alone is too random and easily damaged.


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The arch looks fabulous, as well as the bathroom! Thank you for the detailed and professional instructions. I'll definitely take into account this alternative.

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Geeze, that is so beautiful Casey. And great instructions like MariaBarbara says.

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Bendable 1/4" drywall requires some experience. I had drywallers who insisted on waiting for the right amount of rain as opposed to using a garden spray.

You can also use bendable MDF.

Or manmade castfaux stone as in the door arches below.

Photo: Heather Joy Investments Ltd.

sm: Nicely done dramatic bath!

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You folks like Casey's bathroom? You should see the floor! Still one of my favorites of all time, Mr. Casey!

I have maybe 14 archways on my house. I kerfed the backside of plywood to make the ply conform to the curves. That was years ago. Now I'll use a bendable plywood. Instead of having the grain in the plies alternate, it all goes in the same direction, allowing for fairly tight and non-broken curves.

Around here it's sold under the name of "wiggle wood" and costs around $35 a sheet.

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Haha, we call it "bendy board"
Thanks for the nice words, mongoct.
yes, my $20 sq.ft. (materials alone) bathroom floor. Those were the days. In retrospect I over-improved a bit.

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