Bathtub--Reglaze or Replace?

alisonnMarch 20, 2011

We are gutting our new home. There currently is no wall behind the tub, just five studs (it's not a load-bearing wall). The tub is between the exterior wall and a closet wall, which will soon be torn out to be re-sheetrocked. The tub is cast iron. The husband says it will be a bear to remove (which he would be doing himself), he wants to have it reglazed.

I'm not a handy person, but I'm perplexed--it seems like the job is halfway there, since the walls are coming out anyway. I could see reglazing the tub if we weren't already redoing the sheetrock-- I mean, then we'd be tearing out walls just to get the tub out. Plus, for the cost of reglazing the (blue) tub ($350), we could buy a brand new tub.


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Go new. Just did the same thing , the tub is not as heavy as you think. Two guys and a refrigerator dolly. I got white cast iron for a little over $300 and got 50 at the scrap yard for the old one. Be careful w/ colors they tend to date fixtures. Think harvest gold, avacado or the pink I had in a fifties bathroom.

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"Reglaze" on tubs is just a layer of paint.

It may be epoxy based paint, but it is still paint.

It will need to be redone in just a few years (sooner if anyone uses an abrasive to clean).

It will never be easier to put in new than now.

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We refinished ours, and the paint has been peeling off for the intervening 18 years. Not pretty, I have to admit. Maybe they can reglaze now for better results than we got with DIY back then. But if they can't, I agree that new is worth considering - never be easier than now is true enough.

But oh, that tub was heavy; we moved it out of the bathroom to paint the tub and refinish the bathroom and it took all that two of us had. It's a small claw-foot tub, not even full size. A dolly would have been a really good idea.

Question is, is the tub special? Could you get something you and your husband like as much? Ours is original to the house and there's something special about that that replacing with new can't beat. Someday we'll get a better reglazing done.


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Definitely consider a Tub Liner. Tub Liner's offer the benefits of new, without the hassle of tearing out your older tub.
If you consider the options, a tub liner is a *great* way to go...


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"remove" is much easier than "install".

For removal, just break it up in place and take out the pieces. A sledge hammer will break it pretty easily.

Depending on how tight it is, working the new one in place (assuming you go back with another cast-iron one) takes some manuevering and definitiely needs more than one person. Fiberglass may be easier.

When I redid my small bathroom the glazing on the new tub got some cracks in it when the plumber tried to get it into position. The room was ~the same 5ft width as the tub so installed there were walls on three sides.

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"A sledge hammer will break it pretty easily. "

Only works for cast iron.

Steel tubs are PITA to remove.

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Old, damaged bathtubs are sometimes difficult to effectively clean. Replacement of an old and/or broken bathtub sometimes seems like the best solution, but it is important to keep in mind that in most cases, this is the more expensive choice. Obviously, if your plumbing is very outdated, if your bathtub has severe cosmetic flaws, or if you want to install a different type or style of bathtub, then replacement may be your best option.

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