Fixing holes in Vinyl Siding

clagaMarch 15, 2010


The previous home owner mounted a gardem hose and plant hangers on the outside of the home. Now that they have moved and took the articles with them we are left with holes in the vinyl siding and are exposed to the weather.

Any ideas or hints on how the repair the vinyl without replacing it?


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How big are the holes? If they are small fill them with caulk. If they are large holes,the best thing to do is replace the siding in the area of the holes. thats if you have leftover siding around. If you don't and can find siding the same color at a store, remove a piece of siding from a inconspicuous area and put the new in it's place and use the removed piece to replace the areas with the holes. You can find instructions online. look for repairing vinyl siding. They also did this on this old house last year.

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