Installing field stone over a concrete patio

brussoMarch 22, 2010

Next project on the list is to cover the concrete patio with field stone. The stone is 1 1/2 inches thick, and one to two feet square. What is the best way to cement these in place? After presure washing the concrete patio, I was planning on masonry cement, back buttering each stone, leveling the stones, then come back and fill in the spaces,just like grouting a tile floor. I would fill the spaces with dry cement, brush it in then wet it and let it dry in place. Is there a better way to do this? thanks for your help


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My dad will be 94 in May & he installed a flagstone patio on top of the concrete patio about 8 yrs ago. He swept the concrete & washed it & when it was dry he mixed up wheelbarrel full of 1 part mortar cement, 1 part Portland cement( Can use something like clean cut off bleach jug for measuring mix with 2 parts clean sand. Important thing is mixing well while it is dry, we mix it carefully with a hoe & face mask or hankie tied over your nose & mouth(make it in triangle- area in center goes over your nose & ties behind your head) will keep it out of your lungs, keep kids away. Add water carefully as you can get too much,continue mixing with the hoe in long pulls toward you turning the mix over until there is no powder left & moist enough to lay stones in but no water sitting in it(& not soupy-won't dry properly)There are no amounts of water as it depends on whether sand is moist, humidity in air,etc. If extremely hot use bit more water so it doesn't set up too fast. The key to getting a nice job is to have all your stones laid out for the 1st batch. If your patio were 10x20 lay out stones starting against house & out 1 direction say 10 ft. way He did about 2-3 ft wide all the way to edge as he didn't plan on cutting anything. Flagstone is different thicknesses so you would fit them way you want so colors & shapes look good & move them back toward center of patio so you could get your mortar down to desired thickness. This was a patio with no cracks or unevenness. Main point is you don't have time to figure out what is going to go where if you slap the mortar down & try to fit stones together, dried out mortar will crack. So you need enough of your pattern figured out to use up 1 wheelbarrel of cement as you have to use it up before you quit. You quit at edge of the stones so when you start in again the new fresh mortar goes up against the already set stones.(Good idea to wet old towels to keep it from drying too fast) You can't tell where my dad stopped for the day by doing that way. You do have to do it way I said. Anyone that throws the stuff together in wheel barrel & adds water without having dry stuff thoroughly mixed is wasting their time & money, it will crack & crumble. I've mixed cement for my dad several times, replaced block wall(quake) after I knocked all the old cement off of them & out of them(some job) when I thought I had the mortar mixed he would say-Do it some more!! Good Luck!

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My 139.53515SR CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener will not recode as to keep my neighbor across the street from opening my garage door. I think my receiver is no longer working properly so I can recode it. How am I able to tell if it is malfunctioning other than my neighbor keep opening my door? The red recode light comes on and stays on until I press a button on my handheld remote. The neighbor still is able to open my door. BTW, the 75 watt lightbulb no longer turns on. I have put several new light bulbs in to test. Still, no light. Thanks for your help.

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Sorry to dredge up an old post but I'm in the middle of a similar project and the advice is relevant. Sunnyca, I assume your father grouted between the stones. What did he use?

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