Help with Backsplash/Opinions wanted

deanfinderApril 28, 2014

We are in the process of having a home built. We have selected green iron honed for our kitchen counters, which will be paired with dark brown stained cabinets. We have also selected an accent tile for our backsplash. But we are stuck choosing between two different tiles for the rest of the backsplash (we might have done some of this backwards but oh well!).

I have attached pictures of the accent tile with the slabs for the counter and the two selections for the backsplash (Picture 1 - Tarragon; Picture 2 - Caraway). Any thoughts or comments would be most appreciated!


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One obvious question, is there a reason you are choosing brown tiles instead of green?

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Kathy Rivera

From the picture I'd say Tarragon. But I'd like to see it with the cabinet - the stain of that might really pull the tiles pink or orange...

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I like the lighter color, but a cabinet sample would be helpful.

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Thanks for the comments so far!

To answer the questions posed:

- We looked at green tile but couldn't really find anything we liked. We also wanted something that would provide a little contrast.

- Our cabinets are site built so we do not have any samples yet. We will do a dark espresso colored stain, aiming not to have any red in the stain. I think that would help avoid pulling out the pink/red in the tile.

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