Gutter estimate questions

mrmichaeljmooreMarch 28, 2008

I am planning on getting estimates for new gutters.

I have a small ranch style home. House is approximately 60 ft long.

There are no turns....just a straight run on the front and back of the house. There are 4 downspouts total.

I have no clue what questions (and answers to look for) to ask the contractors when they come out.

What should I look for in a good gutter installer?

Installation techniques? Screws/Nails/Hidden Hangers?


Sizes of gutters?

Seamless vs Non-Seamless?

What type of Warranties/Guarantees are typical for a gutter job?

Anything else?????

I know there are a ton of posts regarding various leaf I am still reviewing those and the various manufacturer sites. They can be rather expensive, and we don't have a ton of trees, so not sure if it is worth it. I currently have the Home Depot/Lowes plastic covers on my gutters and it has worked pretty good thus far. So I'll leave that guestion up in the air for now.

Thanks for the help.

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Today site rolled seamless aluminum gutter trucks are everywhere. It is a very competitive market. Remember the cost of aluminum has skyrocketed. Most of your estimates should be close.

When I choose a gutter guy for a project I am always concerned about how carefully he removes the old gutters and respects the plants and yard below his work. I don't like dirty marks on my new gutters or cigarette butts on the ground. That about sums it up.

I like the concealed type fasteners for standard residential SEAMLESS gutters and would expect a good installer to guarantee his installation for two years. Manurfacturers warranties are similar and all become null and void if the installation is found to be sub-standard.

I would leave the gutter guards up in the air like you said. Your style home is EZ to clean gutters twice a year anyhow.

Good Luck

All the best,

The PorchGuy

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You also might consider the extremes of weather for your area. Where I am we get some wet,heavy snows & hailstorms & winds approaching 90 mph at times. Aluminum or vinyl won't stand up to those conditions for very long.

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Our home is just like yours, a small ranch. My husband got an estimate today to do just the back of the house (straight 64 ft stretch, 2 downspouts), this is seamless guttering. It was $309. I thought that was extremely high. We are thinking about doing it ourselves by just buying the pieces from Lowe's.

Several years ago, we called for an estimate to have guttering put on the front of our house. We were not home when they came. Instead of just writing up an estimate, they installed the guttering! Needless to say, we got the guttering FREE. So I guess I shouldn't complain about the $309 to do the back, huh?

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We are in a new home, just moved in in November, 2007. The builder, because of neighborhood covenants, installed a copper gutter on the front of the house, and a diverter on one side of the back porch. We are having a big problem with the rain being diverted directly onto our backyard flowerbeds, eroding away the soil. Both sides of the house also is a problem, and some soil/mulch gets washed away. I have an appointment to get a free estimate today and am trying to get another to set up an appointment.

Is seamless the way to go? We are not required to install copper (thank goodness) on the back or side of the house.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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We are in the process of getting estimates for approx 170 lin ft of seamless gutters (in 4 separate sections) with 6 total downspouts on a one story house. 5 inch gutters, standard downspouts was just under $900. 5 in gutters with larger, commercial downspouts was about $1150. Leaf Relief added about $5.50 per lin ft.

I'll report back when I get the other two estimates.

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