'Reusing' paper towels

adaorandJanuary 3, 2008

I buy the blue shop towels in W'mart at about $2 a roll. They are great for cleaning and are washable! After the initial use in the kitchen, I handwash and hang to dry. The next use is for wiping up spills on floors or light cleaning. Final uses are for bathroom cleaning. Sometimes i get four or five uses from one towel as they are very sturdy and hold up through several wash & drys.


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And Bounty does the same thing, only a lot cheaper.

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A roll of Bounty (select-a-size) will last us for months and months. What we tend to use are paper napkins we get free.

It seems when we get an occasional ice cream cone from McDonald's drive-thru, they have some wasteful need to give us not 2, but 22 paper napkins. Some pizza and bbq places will toss a 1-inch thick stack of additional paper napkins on the table, so I collect the unused napkins, put them in my purse, and take them home. We collect all these "gifts" for general use around the house.

We use them in brown bag lunches and messy foods we don't want to use our cloth (every-day) napkins for. We also use them to clean our stainless steel cookware with a powdered cleaner (Cameo), scrub the sink, wipe up all kinds of messes, and generally most places you would use a paper towel.

A couple moves ago, I was wrapping some glassware and ran out of paper. I went out to the garage and spotted hubby's huge box of the blue shop (paper) towels in a pop-up dispenser. I used those for the glassware and when they got unpacked, we smoothed them out and put them in a plastic container and have been using them for years now, including one more move. Handy things most people wouldn't think to use for something other than greasy hands in the garage.


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I haven't bought or used any paper towels for a long time. I do keep a roll in the house for the rare really messy things, for example pet mess when you have to throw away whatever you use to clean it up.

I mostly use reusable cloths, or newspaper. Good quality cloths clean better without leaving any lint or falling apart. I have also in the past had problems with the dye in some paper cloths leaching out and staining things.

We quit using most disposable items some years ago and have saved a lot of money. The few exceptions are things like record player stylus and vacuum cleaner bags, which are hard to replace with permanent items.

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I grab paper napkins at fast food places, then throw them in my car's glove compartment. Great for all kinds of uses, from a sneeze to a bug on the windshield. I love Bounty select-a size. You can grab one towel (about the size of one-half of a regular paper towel) or as many as you need. I cleaned my stove last week and used about 50. But I had just gotten a manicure and didn't want to ruin my nail polish. My stove sure looks good, I even lifted the burners and cleaned the carbon and gook underneath.

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I found a used linen roll towel, many feet long, and cut it into paper towel size pieces. Been using the same 4 for months now. Wash like a dream, and are very absorbent.

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