Metal Support Beam in Basement

clagaMarch 20, 2012


When my home was built the contractor used a metal I beam in the basement for the main support beam for the house.

It has some minor rust.

What to you recommend to cover up the rust?

Should I just box the beam in, or paint?

If I paint what are the prep steps I need to take.


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Are you concerned about corrosion or appearance? If the humidity is high enough for corrosion to be a concern, you have other problems too. If humidity is within reasonable levels, the corrosion of the steel should not be a problem.

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Wire brush the rust away and paint with Rustoleum or similar rust inhibiting paint.

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It's for appearance. Thank you both for your suggestions.

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I wouldn't use rustoleum. It's more important what you prime it with than what you finish it with. Using a rusty metal primer will let you finish it with anything.

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