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balliolFebruary 14, 2013

I have an Epson GT 15000 scanner. I also have several thousand photographs I would like to digitalise but IâÂÂm already in trouble because I canâÂÂt work out how to get the photographs all the same size.
By that I mean that when I scan the different size photographs they appear in different sizes when I open the folder they are in.
IâÂÂm not sure what effect that will have if I ever get to the building a slide show stage/
I know that I will need to burn the results to a CD or DVD because want to view the photographs through a DVD/CD player on a TV.
Actually, IâÂÂm donâÂÂt even know if it is a DVD or CD that I should use to put the slide show on.
I think that the Epson GT 15000 is up to what I want to do but would anyone care to comment on its software and if that is up to what I want to do.
If it is not should I be looking at different software?

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what do you mean when you say that they aren't the same size? Are the original pictures different sizes? In that case, you are still ok since the slide show software will enalrge the pictures when it shows them to the screen size.

Assuming you are running windows, when you open up the folder and double click on a picture, it will normally show up in windows photo viewer. If you press F11 on the keyboard or the middle button (looks like a picture) in photo viewer, it will play a slideshow of all the pictures in the folder.

The slideshow should show the pictures at the same size, even if they were scanned smaller or larger.

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