Need Help for My Idea.

arlenebFebruary 20, 2009

Hi Folks,

It's been awhile since I have visited here. But I remembered how gifted you all are and think maybe you can help me.

Recently, I have been asked to help with my class reunion by making individual name badges.

Well I got this idea to use a sort of logo we used to have. BUT no one seems to have clip art of the logo. We have tried drawing it, but it just doesn't come out right.

I found a picture of it in an old yearbook(it was on a girls shirt) and so then I scanned it. (see below). Since then I have been trying to make all but the G and the lighting bolt transparent. (even the space in the center around the bolt)

You see, I want to use this emblem(the G and lightening bolt) as if it is a font.

I want to color the G --gold and the bolt silver.

Do you all think this is possible?

Also, does anyone have any idea what font would come close to matching the G?



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oops--thought the image would upload in my post above

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You mean something like this or ???????

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Whoops wrong style!

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The second one looks very close to it, I may be able to use that. Which font it that?

Urlee, thank you so much for your time and talent, I really do appreciate it.


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The font is Yearbook Solid.
If you had a better picture to follow, along with what you wanted done exactly, I could have used that.

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As you can see, I changed the ones above but forgot to put the bolt on top!


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Maybe I should Have the bolt behind the front and on top at the left?

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I like the new ones best that I just made in place of the wrong font ones, don't you? (smiles)


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Is THIS what you had in mind to do with it??????

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Gosh Urlee, you have been really busy while I was gone.
Thank You--The G you posted on Sun, Feb 22, 09 at 6:32--looks good.
As memory serves me--the bolt is actually behind the G.

I am thinking I want to use it in the initials GHS--with the H and S black (It will be the beginning of a sentence)"Class of '64" which will be placed at the top of the name badge The bolt will extend behind the H too.

This is sort of hard to explain. I plan on making a sort of template and save it as a jpg. It will then be loaded into the Word 2003 label and then each individual's senior picture and name will be added. By adding the picture in Word 2003, we can then edit the picture. Other wise the picture prints to fuzzy.

The font you are using looks good, although it would be better if it was a little stockier(shorter-fatter)---not sure how we could find that, but I might be able to manupitlate it when I make the template--but then the H and S wouldn't match. Maybe I could make a .jpg of each of them and then manipulate them too. In a way, the more I go on, am thinking I might not want to... LOL

For some reason, I just couldn't make the G and bolt come out right so that is why I came here. I knew I would get help--
Thanks again

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