Can a granite savvy person educate me on color terms?

MizLizzieApril 24, 2014

I need a small granite slab for a brass console sink -- finally redoing the adjacent powder room to the new kitchen. The only color on offer that sounds like a good transition to the kitchen is termed "Santa Cecilia Dark." I have seen a lot of things called Santa Cecilia in my day, and I assume the naming of granite is a slightly subjective process. To me, some SC granite is indistinguishable from Giallo Ornamental. Some is quite butterscotch gold. Some has a lot of brown.

I'm getting a package price from Signature Hardware so it is a really good deal. Their pics look pretty warm, but they are only pics. My budget was blown by the kitchen so I'd like to make this work. So is there a good definition for SC Dark? What do you think it means?

BTW, I'm matching BM Aura paint in Safari which is a rich pale gold -- butterscotch is a good description. Faucet will be satin brass from newport Brass. White wainscoting and plantation shutters. I need warmth in the granite. And a little bling wouldn't go amiss. ;-)

Thanks in advance.

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Sophie Wheeler

You need to go a fabricator and pick through his boneyard. Verbal descriptions don't mean diddly. It could be very very brown, or peach, or a lot of black with that description. There is no way around putting your eyes on it with your samples in hand.

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Yup. Go look at the slab in person. Hope that you don't have to decide under fluorescent lighting like I did. They seem to vary so much, even ones in the same stoneyard with the same name.

I'm picking my paint after the counters go in so I can complement the stone under my lighting conditions as much as possible.

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Thanks, folks. Good advice, for sure. But picking the slab will jump the cost, and make my $1K sink closer to $2K. I'll have to buy the legs and undermount basin a la carte. Which it may come to. But after the kitchen costs, I am compelled to look first at budget options for the powder and upcoming laundry room.

Another option is to order the Signature Hardware ensemble (console, sink and slab) and if the slab is awful, then bite the bullet at the yard's scrap slab section. It will amount to a $100 gamble on the Santa Cecila, and I might be able to sell it for $50 on Craig's List. But if I start scrap shopping, I will be looking for a thick piece of carrara, not granite. And then I'll want a different basin. And then I'll just be out of control again . . . . $$$$ I guess the Signature Hardware package is my way of trying to enforce discipline on myself.

Strangely, Signature Hardware only sells carrara tops in þ" thickness. They sell Crema Marfil in both þ and 1ü . I asked them why, and they did not know. Welcome to budget shopping, right? ;-) Maybe I will just run by the stone yard this morning for a teensie peek . . .

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I think hollysprings is referring to your checking out remnant pieces, which seem to be able to be gotten pretty cheaply. If you only need a small piece this could be just what you need to look for.

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Yes, go look at local fabricators stock of remnants. You may find something that you can use much cheaper that way. AND get to pick!

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The stoners just make up names. It isn't like estone or Corian where the name means a specific color, particulate, and/or movement. You have to personally verify each piece.

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