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jennFebruary 17, 2007

Hi everyone, I have owned PSP 7 for a few years but barely touched it until last night. I recently created a few slide shows using ProShow Gold (which I highly recommend for that purpose) and maintain a personal web site, and I know there is a lot I could do with PSP to enhance those projects.

I have some questions that I hope you can answer:

(1) I'm wondering if I should upgrade to the latest BEFORE I get too comfortable with 7. If so, would I be better off getting PSP X instead of XI? I've read quite a few comments about X being preferred over XI.

(2) Does anyone know how PSP compares with PhotoShop Elements?

(3) A question about tubes: Is there a way to select a certain object in a tube, say a certain flower or fish, if I want just that one?

(4) Lastly: What are the best tutorial and tube sites?

Thanks so much.... You seem like a very friendly group that gives me hope that I too can learn this tool! :-)


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Oh my Jen!....some interesting questions you have there... : ))

First off, welcome to the forum.....yes we're a friendly group & you will find that there is always somebody around to give you a hand with your latest project....

1) which version?....I have only used V8 & am very happy with it & the results I would be a good idea to get a newer version; others will be along to advise you on V 9, X & XI...

2) no, I'm not familiar with PhotoShop Elements, I understand they are similar but I went with Psp as there are so many wonderful forums & free tutorials available on the web....lots of support available if you run into problems...

3) yes, you can select a portion of a tube

4) best sites for tuts & tubes?...oh my goodness!!....there are SO MANY, we all have our favs & will certainly share them with you....


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Welcome Jen!
FlutteringBy did a great job on answering your questions.
I am not familiar with Photo Shop Elements either. I did try Photo Shop and found the learning curve much higher than PSP and seemed to do most of the same things.
I prefer PSPX, it is what I am used to now. I did the trial of PSPXI but didn't see enough difference between that or X. So I don't feel the need to upgrade. I think you probably would benefit by updating to at least X as a lot of the tuts are now being written for PSPX. Not that they can't be done in earlier versions, it just makes it easier to follow if you have a more recent version and the newer ones have more features.
Just don't un-install PSP7 as the newest PSP's do not come with animation shop. And you may still want to use PSP 7 for some things. It does load quicker than PSPX. I still have 7,9 and PSPX installed.
One good way to find tut sites is to check the posts, I as do most others here list the site that they came from and you can just go to the bottom of the tut (in most cases) and find the index or home page of the author for the rest of the tuts.
Depending what type of tubes you are looking for I have several tube sites that I just couldn't do without. Let me know and I will send you some.

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Thank you. I've been reading the reviews about the later versions at The reviews are very mixed.... some are 5-star, some are 1-star... how can a "great" product also be the worst?? Problems with slow loading, bugs, bad interfaces, memory leaks, etc. scare me away. Yet, rave reviews make me want to purchase right now. Some say 9 is better than 10, 8 is better than 9, and 7 is the best one yet! ACK! I'm thinking of just learning all I can about the one I have, but an upgrade further down the road might be more frustrating if the interface is much different.

What to do???

About the tubes and tutorials. I've searched them on-line and found many tutorial sites that prohibit linking back to their site. I bookmarked several that I plan to refer to them to learn as I learn PSP 7. I think I just need something to get started and see if this is something I really want to do. Mostly, I want to create graphics and do some photo editing... not fancy editing like filters and moving people from one photo to another.... just improving photos to be as good as they can be. Well, I should just jump in to PSP 7 and learn all I can and see what I can do!


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Hi again Jen,

Yes it can get a bit confusing with all the different versions all means, get familiar with your version 7 by doing some tuts....but keep in mind that there was a huge jump between version 7 & 8....concentrate on tuts for 7, then you won't get frustrated looking for tools & effects that the newer versions have that are not in 7....

A great place to start is:

there are all kinds of tuts, classes & everything Psp...

Here is the link for their tuts:

Scroll down & you will see the tuts for 7, you'll find lots to keep you busy there....

Good luck & don't forget to check in with us...we'll make a Psp addict out of you.... : ))


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