1928 Spanish Stucco Remodel - Seeking info on original items

benkahleNovember 24, 2012

I just bought and remodeled a 1928 spanish stucco in the "View Park" area of Los Angeles. The house was in horrible shape when we bought it, but after 8 weeks and lots of restoration I'm incredibly happy. From what I understand, the iron light-sconces, handrails, chandeliers, hand-carved doors, woodworking, brass handles, bathroom tubs and sinks are from the 1920s. As are the floors, which had been carpeted over since 1958.

A friend told me the bathroom tiles, bathtub handles and some of the light switch covers are from the 1940s. If anyone has any detail on when some of these items might be from I'd love to know!

The kitchen tiles are european clay terra-cotta from "Classic Tile & Mosaic". The kitchen pendant lights are from "Rejuvenation". And of course the recessed lights are new.

Here is gallery 1 of the rooms - http://imgur.com/a/iKAxe

And gallery 2 of more detailed photos - http://imgur.com/a/m6fXz

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Might want to try the old house forum too.

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Beautiful house! Ditto the old house forum.

I have limited experience with the Southern California Spanish style, but have lived in a few older homes. Based on this, it seems to me that the floor tile in the first two baths probably has been replaced, but the wall tile may be original. This was not uncommon; if the support under the bathroom floor was not sufficient, the floor would develop a crack and be replaced.

The light fixtures are outstanding! However, some of the switch plates and other hardware appear to be much more modern, although whoever installed them tried to be true to the style. The old homes I lived in (1914, 1927, 1934) all had plain switchplates, usually with multiple coats of paint. I'm also not sure about the spindles on the doors; they seem more like a '50s-'60s decorative element. But, as I said earlier, this is not a style I know well.

The photographs were a delight to browse. Congratulations on a charming home!

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