Scanner glass foggy on the inside

jennFebruary 12, 2006

We have an HP ScanJet 6300C scanner that's a few years old. I've been scanning pictures all morning and noticed they seem a little on the hazy side. I thought that was photographer-error, but I just noticed that the scanner glass is foggy on the inside! I can't find the manual for the scanner (it's around here somewhere, we've been remodeling...). Does anyone know how to clean it? And why does it get foggy on the inside?

All the time I've spent scanning photos this morningn is wasted!!!


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Gosh Jen,
I am sorry I can not help you as my manual says nothing about cleaning the underside of the glass and I never had to.
I have an Epson I bought 6 years ago.


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Funny you should ask - I have a scanner at home with the same problem and was wondering how it would be possible to clean the other side of the glass.

If you happen to find the answer, please post back here - we can't be the only two people with this problem. No smokers in my house or I might suspect that.


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Thank you both for commiserating. :-) We don't smoke here either and the scanner hasn't gotten a ton of use. There has to be something somewhere. Maybe I'll check the HP site and write to them.

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That was fast... I went to the HP site, clicked on the link for support, searched on my scanner model, and found the FAQ which includes instructions about cleaning the glass. Unfortunately, this particular model series doesn't allow for cleaning under the glass.... :-(

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning glass on HP 6300c

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Well thanks jenn - you were quick. I'm in Myrtle Beach for the winter......home is in Canada. My scanner is at home and at the moment, I'm not sure of the brand, my dh says he doesn't think it is an hp. At any rate, when I get home in the spring I'll be going to the website of the brand and see if I can clean the underside of the glass. You showed me where to start looking - thank you. I'm sorry yours cannot be cleaned - seems a complete waste doesn't it?

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Yes Elaine, it does! My dad gave it to us for Christmas one year, a complete surprise since I didn't ask for one. I had only mentioned that I'd like to get one to work on projects. I don't want to tell him about the glass because it will make him feel bad about it. :-(

I'm scanning photos of my nephew to insert into a slide show I'm making. If it was a professional project or a wedding gift, I wouldn't continue or I'd get another scanner. But, fortunately, my family won't care about the haze on these pictures and might not even notice it. There are many others in the slide show that aren't scanned and look much better.

Good luck getting yours clean.


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I have seen this for years, not sure what causes the haze, but it could be from the oil on the motor, or the slide rails. Anyway, usually after the cover is removed, if you remove the screws from the lower cover, CAREFULLY remove the glass and clean it with windex or the like, if it is oil on the haze, you may need a grease cutter of such. I would then treat the glass with something like rain-X to keep it from building up again.

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My mechanically-inclined hubby fixed it! He removed the screws and the part with the glass came right off. It was an oily film that we removed with glass cleaner and Miracle cloth, followed by a clean dry cloth. It looks MUCH better now.

I'm guessing the reason why HP doesn't provide instructions to clean this one is because it does require some mechanical sense and a special screw driver for torx screws to remove the part with the glass. Just guessing though....

Thanks John for your encouragement.


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AND another reason may be $$$$ for them one way or another?

~Urlee~ :)

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Urlee, no doubt about that. But also, if it is difficult to clean and someone not so mechanically inclined doesn't get it put back together, that person may do whatever it takes to make HP pay for their own mistake.

Our scanner was a gift from our father and is only a few years old... I'm not about to replace it now just because the glass is foggy!


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I have a Scanjet 5470c, and the glass was foggy inside as well. I simply unscrewed two screws on the underside nearest the "top edge" of the scanning surface, which enabled me to open the case a bit. The underside of the glass was right there in front of me.

I just wiped it down with a clean cotton rag moistened with some Windex, followed by another soft dry cotton rag. I popped the case closed, resecured the two screws, and my glass was clean. Nothin' to it.

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Thank you !!! I just cleaned my HP 4470 glass. just lift off the top cover and remove the 2 phillips screws,and you can carefully get your hand underneath to clean it !

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