Prices at health food store

miscindyJanuary 7, 2009

I happened to be on the side of town near the health food store for a work meeting today so I stopped in. I was so surprised that some items I normally purchase at Meijer were actually cheaper at the locally owned health food store! For instance, soy milk in the shelf-stable carton is $2.39 for the Meijer brand (more for name brands), but name brand at the health food store was only $1.89. Luna bars are $1.29 or so at Meijer, and $0.99 at the health food store. Who woulda thunk it?

I also like that they have lots of items in bulk bins--I like to buy tiny amounts of new things to try them. Today I bought a Luna bar, 2 fruit leathers for the kids, some sesame seeds and a little bit of pumpkins seeds for a loaf of bread--for just over $2. Fun!

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I don't buy a lot at the health food store, but I have found some items to be cheaper.

We love the bulk bins too. It's how I talk my kids into trying new things. Sometimes we like it and sometimes we don't. The kids know they have to take a bite, but I won't force them into eating something they don't like. We've found if you go on Saturdays, they have a lot of samples. We can try new things without blowing a lot of money to buy something we don't like. We do buy a few new things each trip. That's part of our entertainment.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love the bins . I bought whole pastry flour and wheat bran today for pennies compared to a box.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Believe it or not we actually find somethings cheaper at Whole Foods than I do at our local Kroger or even Wal-Mart for some items. That is why I find it good to have a price book because you can never assume one place is cheaper or more expensive than another.

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The whole concept of the bulk bins is very difficult for me to embrace. I understand the savings associated with reduced packaging, etc., but I just cannot get out of my mind pictures of numerous strangers dipping into the same bin that I, too, would be dipping into. (Pardon the grammar.) Also, in many of the stores with those bins, there's often rows of bins that are just a couple of inches off the floor. I know they have flip covers, but that floor gets swept and cleaned (hopefully), too. That conjures up yet more pictures of minute "stuff" getting into those bins. We certainly don't have semi-opened packages of food down near the floor of our pantry. I don't consider myself obsessive about food cleanliness, but I just won't go there. I know there are worse things than the bins, so it must be just me.

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I don't see the issue--you're going to be cooking the oatmeal or beans or whatever, right? No one is doing it by hand, are they?

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I haven't seen the bins down that low. I think knee high is about as low as they go at the store I use. The dispensers are either drop where they drop into your bag or you have a scoop. I honestly haven't seen anyone misuse the bins. IMO, the shoppers at the whole foods stores are probably a bit better behaved than your average grocery store shopper because they have more of a stake in keeping the food healthy. I'd be more concerned about what's going on in the kitchen at your favorite restuarant.

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adellabedella: Totally agree with your last sentence! The Dept. of Health here (WA) publishes all of the results of food establishment inspections, available online. What an eye-opener. You can almost get sick just reading some of those reports. Makes you never want to eat out again.

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I wouldn't worry about somethng like 'low bins'. If you ever saw how grains were handled on a farm and how they are stored and warehoused you would probably faint.

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