Interior Door Hardware

honeydoesMarch 24, 2008

Does anyone have a suggestion for good quality interior door hardware (door knobs mostly). Baldwin has a stunning lineup, but at $160/door they are a bit expensive. The builder-quality hardware we have now is driving me nuts. I'm looking for a happy middle. Thanks.

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I just placed an order with Rejuvenation. Their prices are creeping up towards Baldwin levels, but closer down to $100/door, although you can go higher as you get fancier.

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Check out the "Gatehouse" line at lowes, they offer solid brass knobs and levers for a reasonable cost. I was pleasantly surprised for the price.

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Yes, I've worked with Rejuvenation. Nice stuff, but imported. I'll check out both of these.

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Maybe you're looking at the higher end baldwin stuff, but

I paid around 40-50 per door for the baldwin knobs I bought. I got them straight from HD Expo, but there are plenty of places on the web. I mostly did the Baldwin 5405 Classic Knob Set either the full dummy set or the privacy set in Satin Nickel.

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We're replacing all of the interior door hardware in our house with Emtek pieces, and so far we've been very happy with the quality. It's a huge step up from the garbage that came with the house (I assume it was original from the builder when the house was built in 1988). We paid about $45 per leverset (cortina, satin nickel) from Then I think around $10 a door for hinges to match (since we're changing the finish, brass hinges with satin nickel levers looks silly).

To veer off-topic for a moment, what is the deal with selling hinges in *pairs*? This idea must have come from the same people who set up the hot dogs/buns conspiracy. Every door takes three hinges, so if you want to do one door, you have to buy two pair and waste one hinge. Of course, over an entire house, it doesn't matter much (if you have an even number of doors, it works out, otherwise you only waste one hinge), but it still seems kind of ridiculous...

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Hey sch9171,

Garbage (I like your term) plastic interior doors only need two garbage hinges, they are so light. Some places sell hinges individually, per piece. But as you say if you're hanging 10 doors, an extra hinge won't matter.

Home Depot has a Pegasus line, but as usual they didn't have the units I need in stock (or at least that I could find on the shelf). I don't live near a Lowes, but fear the same issue there.

I ended up going with Baldwin's Images line (Classic knobs) which were in the $55 range. chrisk327 was right, I was pricing the Estate line, which is considerably more money. I've used before, and called them again. Good advice, everything in stock, flat rate shipping. Nice place to check out.

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