white disc attached to top of bi-fold door?

chuehMarch 19, 2009

The white disc that's attached to the pin on top of the bi-fold door of the closet is missing. I went to Lowes, but I could not find the exact disc. They do sell a little kit of 2 discs and 2 metal pins which look much bulkier and thicker than the one I am trying to fix. Is there any part like it I can easily find to replace it?

Also, the the rest of the normal working discs which are not missing look like permanently fixed. It does not seem that I could just get a disc and put it on top of the pin. How does it work? Do I need to pull the pin out of the door and attach the disc permanently to the pin and then dowel in the pin? Thanks

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There are many different hardware designs for bi-fold doors, and it's a little hard to be sure what you're talking about. Is this some kind of spacer that sits on top of the door and around the pin to help with smooth operation, or is it one of the wheels that engages with the track, or what? If you could post a picture, or a link that shows what kind of hardware you're talking about it would be easier to help. What are the dimensions of this disk, and does it have square or rounded edges?

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All of the plastic,"discs" are actually on posts that get inserted into the door edge. The disc rides in the track above. If you want to keep the track, you need to get a disc size that will ride in the track.
If local stores don't have it, you can easily get it over the internet. Just measure the disc you have and the post diameter in the door.

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The pin is about 1/4" thick. The disc is about 3/4" wide. When I open the door, the disc in the track roll itself and glide in the track. What is the proper name of this disc if I were to find it in the internet? Thanks

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See below-bifold door top guide pin.

The ones available in hardware/home improvement stores should be the correct size. That sort of thing is fairly standardized.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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There's often different stuff at the old-fashioned hardware store (the older the better). If not, try Ace or another. (Even HD might have what you're looking for.)

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Thank you so much. That's it, although the color and shape are not exactly what I am looking for. It helps a lot..

Now, how do I take off the pin still stuck in the door. I don't know what in the world the previous homeowner could lose the disc which was attached to the pin so strongly. If the disc and and pin were missing together, it is much easier to just stick the pivot with the disc on the door. I just cannot believe that so many little things look awfully easy to fix at the first sight all turn out to be troublesome, according to my experience.

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You will need to remove the entire piece. Pry it out with a small flat screwdriver until it is far enough out to grab with pliers.

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