Leaky chimney

linuxos77March 31, 2013

I think we have a flashing issue on our chimney... It's a double flue (wood burning fireplace and oil boiler) that runs up the side of out house (a ranch). We've noticed on some storms we get a small water mark or two (say one inch by 3 inch or smaller) on the ceiling about a foot in front of the fireplace (ie a foot in front of where the chimney run up the side of the house). Does my guess sound feasible? No all the time, just if the rain is really hard with the winds in just the right direction. Looking from the outside on the ground I don't see anything obvious (no cracked or missing shingles). The roof is about 12 years old (second layer) and the chimney is brick and looks in good shape.... My question is, who to call? Roofer or chimney mason to check it out? My inclination is a roofer, but based on age of the roof I'm worried they'll try pushing to reroof the whole house and not in a position to do that right now.... But I want to get it checked properly and fixes properly, so who would you call?

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A roofer would be the one to call as it does sound like a flashing issue. A capable general handyman should also be able to handle it, or at least determine if it's a bigger issue.

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Apparently, leaky chimneys due to the flashing is very common, so that could indeed be the culprit. There's a few other common issues it could be too (see article) if it is indeed the chimney leaking, some of which fall outside of a roofers domain.

If it is the chimney flashing or a definite chimney leak, then a good chimney services firm could also do it. Most full-service chimney sweep companies handle leak repairs; I'd check and see if any of the reputable ones in your area advertise leak repair.

Here is a link that might be useful: 5 common reasons chimneys leak

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