Red face (not from winter wind) on ole joyful

joyfulguyJanuary 10, 2006

Some of you may have noticed my satisfaction frequently expressed with regard to my little Dodge Colt, 1.5 litre engine and standard transmission being so frugal on gas.

Hardly remember what a gas station looks like, I've been saying.

Bought 1990 Dodge Colt 200 hatchback summer 1997 with 138,000 km. (87,000 mi.) on the odometer, have had it about 8-1/2 years, it recently turned up 333,333 (about 208,000 mi.) on the odometer - I was hoping to get to 338,000.

Mechanic says that left front suspension is in bad shape, that I shouldn't drive it.

So I'm about to drive it to scrap metal dealer, auto wrecker.

Or possibly to a local Christian agency that rehabilitates addicts that gives charitable receipt for donated vehicles.

I've been looking for a small vehicle with standard transmission, hatchback (to carry the stuff that my son takes to his displays).

A few years old, with low mileage: you know - the kind driven by a little old lady only on Sunday afternoons.

In its place, I'm buying (from an old friend in the auto body business, who sold me the Colt) a 1993 Dodge Taurus station wagon with 3.8 litre V-6 engine, automatic transmission, 183,000 km. (about 115,000 mi.).

Plus it has cruise control. Plus air conditioning, and I've been used to that service via open windows.

I guess that I'll have to get used to staying home more, especially since I live in the country, the engine displacement being over double that of the Colt.

Almost 50 years ago I had a VW Bug - we used to say that, while owners of regular cars had to stop and think before embarking on a substantial trip, considering whether, the cost of gas being what it was, they should decide not to go, the owners of a Bug just climbed in and took off, for they used so little gas.

So the difference in gas consumption was not as major as it might have appeared on the surface.

Hope you all have a lovely New Year.

ole joyful

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I bet you are going to see a huge difference. Good luck. Do you recoomend a Dodge Colt, automatic, to little old ladies who mainly just drive around town?

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Aloha Ol Joyful,

I doubt the Taurus will be remembered as fondly as your little Colt was. That is just my opinion, though, but the folks I've known with Taurus station wagons haven't been overly fond of them after awhile.

For little ol' ladies, they might appreciate a Honda Accord or Civic. Any of the Japanese four cylinder small cars are pretty good on gas. Wasn't the Dodge Colt made by Mitsubishi? I had a Civic which got really good gas mileage and was extrememly reliable. It was an eighty something and had high mileage. We sold it to the neighbor and he's been driving it for about three years now with no problems. We wanted a 4WD though, to go skiing and fishing with and it didn't make sense to keep the little Civic once we got the small truck since we'd have to continue to insure and register it and it wouldn't save enough on gas since we don't drive that much.

Well, as my friend Mike the Mechanic once told me: "Get what you like, you can fix everything else."

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Hi again, guys,

Just before Christmas, I took son and his friend 600 mi. on a Saturday to attend 3 Santa Claus Parades, where they blew up ballons to make hats, animals, jewellery, etc. for kids. Travelled 600 km. mostly on freeway (about 375 mi.) at a cost for gas of Cdn$32.00.

Recently travelled just over 250 km. (about 155 mi.) in the Taurus, here and there, some stop and go - but at much lower speeds: gas cost Cdn$27.00.


Just before Christmas I drove a friend in her Lincoln Town Car, mid-90's vintage, about 140 mi. on freeway to spend Christmas with her daughter, No. of litres (@ 3.85 per U.S. Gal) per 100 km. (62.5 mi.) was on average setting and we were getting about 12lt./100 km. while travelling about 100 km./hr. (62.45 m.p.h.).

Later, with litres/100 km. gauge on current setting and travelling at about 65 - 70 km./hr. (40 - 46 m.p.h.) on regular coutry highway roads, I was consuming about 7 - 8 litres per 100 km. - about 2/3 the rate at which I was using at the higher speed on the freeway - I was surprised.

I'm hoping that my Taurus will be so trouble-free that the mechanics at my garage will be so unused to seeing my face that when I come in, they may say, "What's your name, again"?

Have a happy week, everyone. Frugal, too. Healthy, as well.

ole joyful

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I can surely sympathize there O.J. My old Mazda pickup gave me a faithful 25 mpg during most any weather or driving conditions. Poor thing had to go since it just wasn't worth fixing what needed to be fixed to drive it. The Dodge Caravan gets me a reliable 18-19 mpg. Most would say that's still pretty good (and I guess I do too) but I sure notice the difference at the pump. But so far it's been reliable and that's the biggest thing, although I have to do transmission work soon. Ouch! Purchased from an estate for $500. Runs like new. 150,000 miles so it's almost broken in. And it's easier to get in and out of for the stiff and sore old bones. Automatic and power steering are easier on the still-recuperating shoulders too. So I'd say it was a great deal. Plus I had it so I could make a realistic decision on the PU. Still hated to see it go. 15 years of reliable service, and under less than stellar maintenance doesn't go unappreciated around here.

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o j

P.S. My shortest post?

o j

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The winter wind's no longer with us.

My face may not be so red now - but it is rather long.

This car seems to have a love affair with gas pumps.

o j

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