fourdoorMarch 20, 2009

We've discovered termites in the footers of the house. I suspect they got in behind the masonry front steps, and may have been busy for years.

My questions...

Where do we find carpenters to repair the problem? Are they specialists? Are they listed in the phone book as such? (I didn't notice) Do I contact someone thru a termite control company?

How important is that gizmo some use to determine how far into the wood the termites have traveled?


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What are you calling "footers"? Is it a wood foundation? Are the footers not underground?

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The horizontal 2x that rests on top of the cinder block foundation, with the floor joists tied into them.
Sorry, I'm using footers as the opposite of header.

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You are refering to the rim joist and the floor joists.

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OK, it's the rim joist. How do I find someone to repair the damage? I am currently out of work, and am hoping to find someone in the same situation, if possible. Can't afford a large company, but don't want to hire someone who can't really do the job, either.
And I've heard some carpenters use an electronic tool to measure the soundness of the wood. Any thoughts on how important that might be? thanks

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