Saving some gasoline cost

joyfulguyJanuary 5, 2005

can be easily arranged - unless you're a gentle driver currently.

Drive as though you have a raw egg between your foot and the accelerator.

Jack-rabbit starts from traffic lights, etc. chew up gasoline quickly.

Drive a distance ahead - if a car pulls from a driveway into your lane some distance ahead, ease off on the throttle unless you're sure that the car will be out of your way when you catch up.

When you see a traffic light half a block away turn yellow - foot off of the throttle. Then watch the guys go roaring by, turning on the brake lights a hundred feet or so from the light. Major gas saving plan.

It saves on brake shoes' cost, as well, plus mechanic's fees to install them (unless you do it yourself).

As Grandma (who died in 1950) used to say, "A penny saved is a penny earned".

But grandma was only partly right - it takes $1.33 earned to equal (a non-deductible) $1.00 saved, if you are in the 25% income tax bracket.

Have a great New Year, all.

joyful guy

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If you're cold-weather driving you may find that the windows fog up on the inside.

If your car heater has a choice, you may select having outside air brought in instead of recycling the interior air.

If you have trouble with the interior of the windows being frosted up after the car has been sitting for several hours, overnight, etc. you should select bringing in outside air a while before you stop and park the car.

If that isn't sufficient, when you are nearing your destination prior to shutting down for a period, open your window an inch or two to let the moisture-laden air depart and be replaced with fresh cold air (which carries only minimal moisture).

If really cold weather is common in your part of the country for a substantial period, you may choose to stick a plastic sheet on the inside of your door windows, which comes in a kit that keeps the plastic about an eighth of an inch from the glass. It acts like a storm window.

Good wishes for safe winter motoring.

There was snow all over at Uncle's place today and when I started out the lane I drove slightly off track, so one wheel slipped down over an embankment.

With engine in the front and front-wheel drive, after some shovelling I was able to get myself unstuck - I'm here at the library computer, ain't I, and 10 miles is somewhat too far to walk, even in nice weather, let alone when it's snowing and blowing and several degrees below freezing.

I think that I'd better get back there before dark, when it's easier to see while it's snowing and blowing. I usually stay at home till late night.

Have a happy weekend, all.

joyful guy

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Considering recent increases in the price of gas/diesel fuel, the earlier suggestion becomes even more helpful.

What sense does it make to charge up to a red light, then slam on the brakes?

It's safer to drive watching what's going on up to a quarter of a mile ahead, besides.

Have a great weekend, all.

ole joyful

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