hello & ? about psp7 tools

terri-miFebruary 12, 2006

Hello everyone, I haven't been here in a long time. I used to be named sunshinetm & all of you smart people here taught me psp7 & helped me with tuts. Recently I got a new computer & bought psp pro x (not that impressed so far). I will have to come here & learn it from the pro's like I did with psp7. Any way I reinstalled my psp7 since I am more familiar with that & like some of the things on there also & I have a problem. I will try & explain as best I can LOL. When I go to use a tool (any of them) I will use the clone tool as an example. I bring my curser over the pic I am working on, right click & then left click to clone it to new area. ? is I do not see a circle as I use my curser as I used to see. I am not sure exactly how to explain this. All I see is a little stamp or brush while I am working so I have no idea how big of an area I am working with or where the lines are of my brush or circle or whatever the tool is being used. If anyone can make out what I am trying to explain & can help I would appreciate that. If not I understand. LOL Terri

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Oh my gosh I finally figured it out. I had to check the show brush out lines. Good thing I got it because u probably had no clue what I was rambling about. LOL Any way watch out because I will be back. I need to learn about the new stuff in psp x since I did buy it. Thanks, Terri

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No problem.
We can learn PSPX with you.


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Welcome back Terri. I'm still plugging away with #7 too.
Can't get used to 8 but I keep trying. Haven't even thought about 9 or 10!!!!

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Welcome back Terri

In PSP7 select your tool options and follow the screen shot:

Show brush outlines must be selected. You may need to do this for EACH tool.
Hope this helps
Sue :)

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Hello & thanks for the welcome again. I still remember you all so well & see you have a few newbie's that have joined the group as well. Sue, that is exactly what I needed. Thanks, Terri

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