Question about hard red wheat. . .

ilovetnJanuary 31, 2011

I have a lot of hard red wheat. I've been making wheat bread using grainlady's recipe for a while. I'm wondering if I could use some of the red wheat to start using it up? Maybe a cup of red and the rest white?


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Sure you can. ;-) I sometimes use 50/50, but you'll notice a more acidic "whole wheat" flavor and a darker color. However much you use, I'd suggest putting the red wheat flour in the sponge and using an overnight sponge. The long sponge will help lighten the color and reduce some of the acidic flavor. Save your white wheat flour for the last addition.

I like to use red wheat for growing wheatgrass, making into bulgur, milling for "Cream of Wheat" (farina) cereal, and adding to multi-grain cereal mixes. When I make "cooked" wheat I mix it 1-part red wheat and 4-parts white wheat for a nice color to the mix.

You may find the link below helpful if you've never made your own bulgur. I "cook" my wheat in a Thermos or a Thermal Cooker (if I make a lot), so no long cooking session. It can "cook" itself overnight on the kitchen counter (LOL). Then proceed with the rest of the recipe.


Here is a link that might be useful: Turning Wheat Berries into Bulgur

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Thanks Grainlady! I'll give this a try for the next loaf, probably Wednesday.

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Using red wheat will obviously live its color on the bread, if you are ok with it then you can use a cup of red wheat alongwith white bread

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