need remodeling ideas! kitchen/dining room

ambitiousDIY_erNovember 29, 2012

Hey folks, just looking for any suggestions on updating and modernizing a 70's home. I've posted some picture to show you what the insides of the house looks like. Thinking about knocking a wall down, maybe putting in an island. Thanks!

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HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED THERE? What works and what doesn't work? Are you planning to do the work yourself or hire a contractor? What's your budget? These are just a few things to know before anyone can offer suggestions. Plus, what is your dream?

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Whether or not you ought to have an island or take down a wall depends entirely on your kitchen layout, needs, and budget, not to mention the dimensions of the space. I suggest posting on the Kitchen forum with a diagram of the layout (including measurements) and answers to the questions of the pp. Some houses benefit from a wall coming down, others don't; ditto kitchen islands.

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