ceiing repair: drywall vs. cement board

raee_gwMarch 30, 2013

My home was made of cement board (or some such similar product in early 1940s) -- that is, the interior walls and ceiling.
I had a problem with recurrent leaks in 2 rooms -- one from the upstairs bath, the other from the exterior gutter.

In the room below the bath, with the first incident, the ceiling material did not need to be replaced, just repainted. However, with the reoccurrence, the handyman cut a hole in the ceiling to access the source of the leak. This now needs repair.

In the other room, for whatever reason, the repair contractor took out the original ceiling and replaced it with drywall. With the 2nd leak, the drywall now needs to be replaced.

I am asking the contractor to repair and replace with cement board so in case of leaks again (hopefully will not happen, as I think all issues have been fixed) so that I hopefully won't have to redo the entire ceiling, or area of patch, again.

He has not heard of doing such a thing and is insisting that using drywall will be "so much easier" although how he would know it is easier than something he has not heard of is puzzling.

Am I really asking something silly or is it just that he has never used anything except drywall? Cement board is used in bath/showers isn't it?

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The tile backer board used in bathrooms is not the same animal that was used to build your house. I'm not even sure if that material can still be found.
I would use the gypsum board (drywall) which, if correctly installed, should not be obvious where it abuts the old sheetrock and do my best for a permanent fix on the plumbing.

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Spend your money on fixing the cause of the leaks.

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Well, yes, after a new roof and tub drain repair I HOPE the leaks are fixed, but there are several pipes in a bathroom...


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See if you can find plasterers to repair the rock lath ceiling. Unfortunately, it is costly to do small repairs because they have to make several trips between coats. It might be worth getting prices and comparing them to dry wall replacement.

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