Day 78 1/2

kyryFebruary 8, 2006

Sorry, I just had to post this. Took me all morning to do.

Wow! Sorry it is so large, Comcast doesn't resize, which can be nice at times. But this is a little too large. Hope it doesn't take too long to open.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moonlight Magic

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Wow Carol!
I'm amazed! That really is something.
Great work.


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Great work Carol. I'm on dialup and it didn't take too long to load.

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Thank you, it was fun. Once I figured it all out.

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Very well done Carol. It's pretty.
Sue :)

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Beautiful, Carol.

I tried it, but couldn't get the filters unldt to work.

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Very nice work Carol..

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Hi Buzzard,
The Filters Unlimited 2 is a trial version, that does not let you apply them, just view what they look like. Is that stupid or what, if I had known that I wouldn't have downloaded it, the description was misleading. Anyway I just used Effects, Illumination effects, Sunburst and played with the settings instead. The Border Mania ones, I could hardly see any difference after I applied it, don't know for sure if it worked or I did something wrong. The Reflet plugin worked fine. I almost didn't use that one as I have another called Squirlz Reflect, that does the same thing, but I was determined to finish this tut and thought I would use everything she did when possible.

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