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blessedbeMarch 8, 2011

Hi guys, I have a question about driveways. My house was built in the 40s. There are large trees in the front yard which I believe are contributing to the cracking and uneveness of my driveway. I'm not up for removing the trees, and realize that any asphalt or concrete repair will be temporary. What do you think of removing the failing asphalt and putting pea gravel or something in it's place? It's not to the point yet where you might break your ankle walking on the driveway, but within a few years it might be to that point. Opinions?


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I did that and it worked fine. I had a 1950's house with huge tree roots that were breaking the asphalt and lifting it up by about 4". I was too cheap to have the asphalt re-done so I just had a big load of gravel delivered and raked it flat in an hour or so. The only downside is if you have a lot of debris from the trees, it will be harder to keep clean than asphalt and some of it will decompose over time and contribute to dirt forming in the small gravel voids.

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I love the look of 3/8" lime stone. Stays white and easy to rake leaves out. If you wanted to get really creative you could pour concrete where there isn't roots and pavers where there is. Create a pattern of some sort.

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A good road crush base topped with washed 3/4 stone is my ideal driveway.

Just make a good base and it doesn't matter much what you put on top.

Thing about gravel and tree roots is you simply drag a pallet up and down it every so often and it levels itself out. I get the neighbourhood kids to ride the pallet, they love it.

every now and then ( for me every five years or so...less money than sealers) a load of fresh gravel added, done.

plus gravel is good for drainage.

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