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tonda1February 5, 2008

can anyone ID this font? I first thought it was Bell Gothic and then one of the Futuras, but nothing seems to be exactly it. Thanks!

Image link:

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Fonts are tricky. It all depends on how current your fonts are or how old the fonts were that the person that originally designed this piece used. Every 3-5 years the font houses update their font libraries and tweak the way fonts display (all an effort to get publishers to buy new updated fonts every so many years). For home use it shouldn't be a problem but if you line up your Arial Bold along beside someone elses Arial Bold they may not display exactly alike.

I use Adobe Indesign and Photoshop which allows me to place your image into a document and overlay it with an empty text box. I can then guess at the font, type in the text and change its color to something other than black. Then I can slide it over on top of the original text and see if it is a complete match. If it isn't I can highlight the text in both the image and my font control tool and by using my arrow buttons on my keyboard advance through all the fonts on my system to see which font does match up.

I came up with:
top line: Neutra Display - Bold - with the leading set at 240
second line: Avenir LT Std - 35 Light - with a scrambled leading throughout the text line (you'll have to tweak it letter by letter to make a true match)

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Here is a font matching website that makes this easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: What The Font

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