What a BUMMER!!!!!

urleeFebruary 8, 2006

Can you imagine that!

Here I was rewriting that G tute to make it simple to follow and everything was going swell until the LAST Step about free rotating the head and by being on that head layer to rotate it-----------------------------------

Get a load of this? The other's are HID, plus the head one is highlighted and ALL of them, neck & all rotate when I just want the head to rotate in layer HEAD to rotate? Now either I am tute goofy or something is wrong w/X?

Anyone know what the solution is besides doing it again to see?

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Sorry I can't help you. Can I try this one with #7 or do you need 10?

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You can do it in all of them I am pretty sure.
Just have to know where to go to do what's instructed if you know what she means.


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Something is WRONG with my PSPX because I followed my instructions in PSP9 and it came out FINE! When I rotated the head, only the head of the highlighted layer rotated and NOT ALL the other layers. But-----I shall redo in PSPX and see again before I write it off. "3" times and out? "lol" Would be 4 I think.


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